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No, the knights templar were an organization in the crusades and are real.

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When was The Knight Templar created?

The Knight Templar was created in 1999-06.

How many pages does The Knight Templar have?

The Knight Templar has 419 pages.

What Are Knight Templar Shields?

The Knight Templar are the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. The shields of the Knight Templar depict the symbols of the group.

What is the ISBN of The Knight Templar?

The ISBN of The Knight Templar is 91-1-300733-5.

When was The Knight Templar - Crusades trilogy - created?

The Knight Templar - Crusades trilogy - was created in 1998.

What do Knights Templar and Freemasonry have in common?

You must be a Freemason to be a Knight Templar.

Was the 16th president of Chile a knight templar?

Not that i had heared, i would have to say no

Movies that are on the crusades?

Here's a pretty good one... Arn: The Knight Templar

What is a shriner chapeau?

A Shriner wears a Fez; a Knight Templar wears a chapeau.

Is the knights of Columbus and knights templar one and the same?

christopher columbus is the last templar knight, and the knights of columbus is a legendary chivalric noble order...

Did the Free Masons evolve from the Knight Templar?

Free masons were established approximately 150 b.c The Knights Templar were established during the middle ages approximately 1120 a.d. But, no.

How do you find if your family was a Knight Templar?

No family were Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were monks who bore arms in defence of pilgrims to the Holy Land, at least in origin, and they were not supposed to marry.To find out is someone related to one of your ancestors was a Knight Templar, you will have to research those of your ancestors who descend from people who lived in Europe during the period of the Knights Templar, and see if there are any surviving records showing they were members of that order.This is not an easy or a quick thing to do as it requires tracing, and documenting, your ancestry back hundreds of years.

William 1066 beloved servant Richard de egle?

was richard de egle a templar knight

Do Templar knights still exist?

Yes Knight Templars still exist, they are part of the Masonic Family.

What is the meaning of the black and white Templar shield?

Nothing, that is not a Knight Templar shield. Templars used a red cross on a white background. The Teutonic Knights used a black cross on a white background.

What actors and actresses appeared in Back from the Dead - 2011?

The cast of Back from the Dead - 2011 includes: Perry Blanks as Templar Coin Knight Finn Burridge as Powder Monkey Pete Buzzsaw Holland as Medieval Weapons Expert James Capel as Hero Templar Knight Toby Osmond as Archer Matt Rook as Mystery Man Keith Wallis as Hero Templar Sergeant

Did the free masons evolve from the Templar?

Within the Masonic Family there are what are called different "Rites." After becoming a Master Mason in a "Blue Lodge" you can join (in the USA) the "York Rite." Part of the York Rite is an order called a Commandary in which you receive 3 orders culminating in the candidate being metaphorically knighted a Knight Templar. You then get the Masonic title of Sir Knight. This knighting is symbolic only and does not mean you are actually a Knight Templar. Some Masonic historians believe that the Knights Templar may have had a roll in forming what has become modern speculative Free Masonry but this is only a theory and no evidence exists the confirm the connection between the two.

Was a Knight of Templar in America in 1362?

theoretitcally, we have no true proof, considering no one is alive from that time period, but according to the history channel... maybe.

What does PD EP mean on Knight Templar signet ring?

PD EP stands for Pro Deo Et Patria-for God and Country.

What is a knight in Roman Catholic Church?

At one time it was a Knights Templar, during the Crusades. A knight at that time, a Templar, was a knightin the service of God.AnswerA Knight in the Catholic Church (there is NO "Roman" Catholic Church) is usually referring to a Knight of Columbus, a service organization of men that serve the Church, the poor, children, etc. It was founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in Connecticut in 1882 for service, and especially to help the widows of Catholic men. At that time, Catholics were mostly immigrants and not really taken care of by American society. There is also the Knights of Malta, which is much smaller and not as well known.

Is Benedict XVI a Templar?

No, Benedict is not a Templar.

Why are the knights of Templar considered sacred in Masonite?

1. Masonite is a siding material. What you mean is probably Masonry. 2. The Knight's Templar refers to multiple organizations. The one associated with the Freemasonry is the York rite rank of Knight Templar. However the members who hold this rank are not in fact knights in the chivalric sense. They do, however, accomplish fantastic acts of charity. 3. The Knights Templar who are knights in the chivalric sense are members of O.S.M.T.H. There is a link below.

Who are the Templar kings in assassin's creed?

The Templar King or the Templar Leader in AC was Robert de Sable,while the Templar King in AC2 was Rodrigo Borja.

In Dragon Age Origins how do you get the Templar armor?

In the Mage Tower, a Desire Demon has entranced a Templar. Should you choose to fight her, you will have to kill the Templar also, and he has the Templar Armor.

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