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if it is a result of the work that the mechanic in question performed

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Are you responsible for damages in the house you rent Arizona I never signed a walk-through form listing prior damages are they going to hold me responsible for previous damages?

The can hold you reliable and you can dispute it in court

Why should I care about erosion?

Because it hearts the soil and damages the land. Because it hearts the soil and damages the land.

Is checking a vehicles vin number an important thing to do?

I would say that it is important because I would want to know what kind of damages have happened on the car before me. Or if I need to ask the previous owners questions about the vehicle overheating or breakdowns.

What recouse if a auto mechanic damages car he has worked on?

my mechanic said he replaced my head gasket and charged me 1,000 dollars 3 weeks ago now my car shakes over heats and white smoke is coming out the exhaust pipe. can any one help me with this

Did formatting system repeatedly damages system?

yes it does damages the system because the hard disk gets worn out by formatting again and again.

Does homeowners insurance cover damages that the previous owner failed to disclose?

No, the policy is only for occurrences between the coverage dates. You likely didn't start the policy until the closing date so previous damage would not be covered.

What is usual amount of money spend to fix damages because of volcano eruptions?

Because its stuped

The rental property was sold while i was living there. the new landlord gave me 30 days notice to get out. i am currently out of the house. the previous landlord told me i have to pay him for damages.?

No, the new owner bought the property as is, with any damages. Since you were still a tenant when he bought it the new owner is the only one who might have an issue with damages.

Are police liable for damages done to a car that was searched while it was impounded because of drug charges?

If no drugs were found and you were aquitted completely, then they are liable for damages.

Why does soda stain teeth?

Because pop is bad for you and the color in it damages them

Why is CFC not used in fridges anymore?

Because it damages the ozone layer.

Why is knowledge of rust important for your economy?

Because it damages most of our metal

What are the ratings and certificates for Damages - 2007 Because I Know Patty 1-13?

Damages - 2007 Because I Know Patty 1-13 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16

How are damages involved in a lawsuit?

Damages are the amount of money awarded to the plaintiff in a lawsuit. Damages are generally determined by the judge using established guidelines based on type of offense and severity. In civil cases damages are based on the actual loss incurred because of the tort and may include penalties.

What is the difference between general damages and special damages?

How are ordinary damages are different from special damages

Can you sue your previous doctor or the office if they sent your medical records to you cross country without you signing a release?

They returned your records to you, there is nothing for you to sue about, there have been no damages.

What is a sentence for damages?

He damages his car again.The judge ordered him to cover the costs of the damages.

Why do tsunamis do their damage on shore?

it damages the shore because the water is very powerfull

What damages do typhoons cause?

kill people and damages buildings and damages the earth

Who narrates Damages?

There is no narrator on Damages.

Why did Germany have to pay for the damages from world war 1?

Because the Germans started the WWI

What do geologist use rocks for?

Because they want to see how damages are being caused on earth

Is drinking alcohol bad for health?

yes because it damages your lungs, liver and brain

Why laser produces Gaussian beam?

Because the beam is so bright it damages your eyes

Disadvantages of a honey pot site?

damages the natural environment because of lots of people