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No,it is not identical.It differs from cell to cell.


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No.. only eukaryotic cells have mitochondria...

The mitochondria is on eukaryotic cells

Yes, they do--as eukaryotic cells, they have mitochondria.

Eukaryotic cells have cell mitochondria.

Mitochondria are not cells.They are eukariyotic organells.

Mitochondria are membrane-bound organelles found in eukaryotic cells but not in prokaryotic cells. Biochemical processes, such as respiration and energy production, occur in the mitochondria.

No, mitochondria are only present in eukaryotic cells. Bacteria are prokaryotic cells.

there is no nucleus in eukaryotic cells, the chromosomes are found in the mitochondria

Eukaryotic cells have mitochondria (singular mitochondrion).

Mitochondria are found in eukaryotic cells.

No, erythrocytes haven't mitochondria

Which is not a characteristic of mitochondria? Mitochondria are found in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Both!All Eukaryotic cells have mitochondria

Cells need energy for survival.This energy is produced in mitochondria

They are in eukaryotic cells. Prokariyotes do not have

Every living thing has Mitochondria.-Chloe Salom Many eukaryotic cells contain mitochondria. Prokaryotic cells do not.

-Mitochondria are organelles within eukaryotic cells -Mitochondria themselves are not cells, but are believed to have once been a cell themselves because they have a double membrane and their own genetic material...DNA -Plant and animal cells are eukaryotic

No, prokaryotic cells do not have a mitochondrion. Mitochondria can be found in most eukaryotic cells only.

Eukaryotic cells have mitochondria. Fungi are also eukaryotes.

They are in eukariyotic ells only. Mitochondria never found in prokariyotic cells

by the proteins they have such as the mitochondria

Mitochondria provide eukaryotic cells with energy

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell, where the metabolism of eukaryotic cells occur. Its primary role is to produce ATP which is the energy currency of the body.

yes, both eukaryotic plant and animal cells have mitochondria.

Mitochondria is an organell.It can be found in eukaryotic cells.

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