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The expression is "have a listen" and it is very informal without being grammatically incorrect.

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Technically, no it is not. The phrase should be 'Listen to this'.

Nonsense. Of course it is. It may be informal, maybe even a little cheap, but it violates no rules of grammar.

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Q: Is the phrase take a listen correct grammatically correct?
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Is guests' grammatically correct?

Yes guests' is the grammatically correct possessive plural of guest. For example, "Take the guests' coats and put them in the bedroom."

Is it grammatically correct to say for an instance?

My teachers tell me that it's not. It's grammatically correct to say for instance. Take this as an example: For instance, this is my turtle.

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Is the phrase come in action correct English when used in the same manner as get into action Example The police were called to come in action?

It is correct grammatically, but not idiomatic. We say the police were called to TAKE action, to GET INTO action, or to BECOME ACTIVE.

Is it gramatically correct to use 'take a commitment'?

It is grammatically correct, but still wrong. Use "make a commitment."

Is this following sentence correct you had not to take that in account?

You had not taken that into account. Would be the grammatically correct version of that sentence.

Is this sentence grammatically correct - you will take notes at the meeting?

Yes, it is perfectly valid.

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Its problem is not grammatical, but idiomatic. We say take an exam, or sit for an exam, but we do not say attend an exam. A sentence may be grammatically correct and still wrong.

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Yes, except that "meeting" is misspelled.

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The first statement uses incorrect grammar, the second is grammatically correct.

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Not very idiomatic. We say let's take a look, but let's HAVE a listen.

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