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Yes, except that "meeting" is misspelled.

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Q: Is this sentence grammatically correct- i will take notes at the meetingi?
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Is this sentence grammatically correct - you will take notes at the meeting?

Yes, it is perfectly valid.

Is this sentence correct Most presenters spoke without looking at his or her notes?

No, the pronouns 'his or her' is incorrect.The pronoun their is correct because the antecedent (presenters) is plural."Most presenters spoke without looking at theirnotes."

Can you use triad in a sentence?

A chord has two notes, a triad had three notes, and an arpeggio has four notes.

Think of a sentence with explanatory in?

the media took explanatory notes during the notes

Which is the verb in the sentence notes confidently spoke family?

'Notes confidently spoke family' is not a grammatical sentence. However, the verb is 'spoke'.

A Sentence for asterisk?

I had to use an asterisk for my notes.

How many notes on a piano?

there are 9 notes on a piano altogether. including the black notes too. therefore, 9 is the correct answer.

What is the correct definition of field notes?

Field notes is when you are researching for a research paper and the information you find.

Where to get revision notes for a level?

I believe Samoa is the correct answer

Sentence for copious?

When you get to college you have to take copious of notes

Is my sentence correct - Here are the notes from this mornings meeting.?

No, the noun morning is not a plural, it should be a singular possessive form: morning's (the meeting of this morning)Possession is shown by adding an apostrophe s ('s) to the end of the singular noun."Here are the notes from this morning's meeting."

A sentence for improvise?

The trumpet player forgot the notes to play, so he improvised some new notes.

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