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Q: Is the place where the troposhere stops getting colder called the ionosphere?
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If air expands it warms then why does our troposhere gets colder as you get higher?

As you get higher the air is thinning not expanding.

How do you use colder into a sentence?

It is getting colder outside. It's colder in here than it is out there. My beer is colder.

What is happening when the liquid in a thermometer contracts?

its getting colder lol

What is the place where the troposphere stops getting colder?


Why the days getting colder?

Because it's transitioning from Fall to Winter...

What happens to snowflakes when air gets colder?

The snowflakes getting Bigger.

What does Carrie Underwood mean by it was still getting colder when she made it to the shoulder in her song Jesus take the wheel?

The song is based in winter so she is probably saying the temperature outside was still getting colder

Why is the moon getting colder thus causing it to shrink?

The moon is not getting colder, and from all observations we're able to conduct, it's not shrinking. So the only thing that appears to have shrunk, if not completely evaporated, is your question.

Why is the arctic getting hotter while England is getting colder?

because they are mirroring eachother (they are on different parts of the equator)

Why do you feel colder in space although you are reaching closer to the Sun?

You do not feel colder in space. In fact one of the biggest problems is getting rid of heat.

Is the temperature in the troposhere warm or cold?

Cold because the higher up you go in the atmosphere the colder it gets, but the warmest layer of the atmosphere is the thermoshere. Also a good indication of the temperature of a layer in the atmosphere is to look at the weather, because on a good sized mountain there is snow at the top.

Your heater is getting warmer when you decelerate and colder when you accelerate?

Check the coolant level.