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You don't need to use the pull out method when you are using Birth Control because the birth control should prevent you from getting pregnant

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Q: Is the pull out method needed with Mirena?
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How do you know when mirena IUD stops working?

You should change your Mirena for another method or another Mirena IUD after five years.

Can you have a pap smear with mirena in?

Yes, you can have a pap smear if you have any IUD, including Mirena. Colposcopy and LEEP can also be done with Mirena in, if needed.

Is it possible to pull mirena out accidentally?

Yes, it is possible to pull out Mirena accidentally. Tell your partner to avoid "playing" with the strings. Sex or penile contact (or even finger contact) are not going to pull out the IUD accidentally.

Can you get pregnant if the Mirena is out of date?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have had Mirena in for more than five years. Use an alternate method of birth control.

Are there signs as to when the Mirena IUD stops working?

Mirena should not be relied on for pregnancy protection after five years. When the calendar reaches five years, you should consider another Mirena, or a different method.

How can you be pregnant if you have mirena?

There is no 100% foolproof method of birth control. Pregnancies occur on all methods. Mirena is one od the most reliable, but is not perfect.

Is Mirena effect after 5 years?

Mirena effectiveness has currently been studied for five years. Effectiveness beyond this date is unknown, and women with a Mirena for more than five years should use another method, or have a new Mirena inserted, if they don't want to be pregnant.

What happens when Mirena cames out by itself?

When Mirena comes out by itself, you may be at risk for pregnancy. Use another method until you consult with your health care provider.

If you are bleeding after the Mirena is removed can you still get pregnant?

It is possible that you can get pregnant after Mirena is removed even if you are bleeding. If you don't want to be pregnant, use another method of birth control.

Can you change from the birth control pill to Mirena?

It's easy to change from the birth control pill to Mirena. Continue taking your pill as scheduled until the Mirena insertion. You can have the IUD inserted at any time that you are using an effective method of birth control.

What to do if the doctor can't find your mirena?

If the doctor can't find Mirena on ultrasound, you must assume that it fell out without your noticing. I know that's hard to believe, but it happens. You should choose a new method of birth control. You can get a new Mirena if you like.

What the difference between Essure and Mirena?

Essure is a permanent method of birth control that works by inserting a small metal spring-like device in each tube. Mirena is a temporary method of birth control that works with the insertion of a plastic device in the uterus.

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