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It really depends on a lot of things. Being...

Your past record,

the cops that are arresting you,

how much mj is on you (more than an o?),

what county in Texas you're in (hopefully Travis),

the lawyer you hire,

were you inside a vehicle?

If it's a first offense, most likely you will get community service and have to take a drug enforcement education program of sorts in your county (slap on the wrist). Your biggest fee will probably be your lawyer and to get it expunged off your record in a year. Depending on the county most likely no drug testing/probation. Don't worry too much and think positive thoughts.

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Q: Is the punishment for a first-time marijuana ticket in Texas jail time or community service?
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It depends on how much you are caught with, and your previous record if you have one. It also depends on your own country's or region's laws. You can get anywhere from community service to multiple years in prison;poo

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First offense for possession only, you should be ok. You will probably have a fine, community service & possibly probation. Stay on your parent's good side. Sometimes their opinions are factored into punishment. Good Luck.

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