Is the spouse of a deceased credit card holder responsible for their debt?

If they couple did not reside in a community property state and the account was not joint; the debt will become part of the deceased's estate and handled according to state probate laws. An exception pertaining to spousal debt responsibility in community property states would be if they resided in Wisconsin. If onwe dies the other will not be liable, only if your name is on the card to. I had 2 of my spouse die on me. I know! A spouse who is not a joint account holder is generally not responsible for debt incurred by the other spouse. Two exceptions the main one being if the married couple resided in a community property state or if the state of residency has a "necessities law". Couples residing in community property states are presumed by law to own all property equally, and to owe all debts equally regardless of which one is the designated borrower, ( only CP law exception is the state of Wisconsin). A surviving spouse living in a state which has an established "necessities law" relating to credit card use to purchase items such as food, medicine, pay utilities and so forth is responsible for those type of debts as they are considered joint regardless of the designation of the account. However, even in states that have such laws, they are very rarely used by creditors to recover debt owed.