Is the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba true?

In the story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, we have two fabulously wealthy partners who struck it off immediately in the magnificent surroundings of Jerusalem in the tenth century BCE and immediately formed a sexual liaison.

Historians and scholars say that there is no extra-biblical evidence that King Solomon ever lived. Even if there was once a Solomon, they say that he must have only been a tribal chieftain in an impoverished region, not the powerful ruler of a great and magnificent empire, as depicted in the Bible. Jerusalem in the tenth century BCE was simply too small and sparse to have impressed a famous queen. For all her supposed fame, scholars are uncertain who the biblical Queen of Sheba was supposed to have been.

The improbability of the story begins with both the story's characters being legendary and probably ahistorical. It is enhanced by the knowledge that archaeology shows that Jerusalem was an undistinguished city in the tenth century.

The Hebrew people created the legend of Solomon to provide a glorious past they could be proud of. The Queen of Sheba added a touch of sexual mystique and made Solomon a character to be envied, not only in their own time, but presumably by all the kings of Solomon's time. But the story is not really true.