Is the term Lassie only Scottish or is it also appropriate to call an Irish gal a lassie?


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The equivalent Irish word is colleen.

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No.It's Scottish.

It's more of a Scottish slang word but the Irish do use it sometimes.

good day laddie! or lassie.

A young Irish boy is called a lad, and a young Irish girl is called a lassie.

Some terms for a young Irish Girl include: Lass/lassie gearrchaile, young girl/lass girseach, young girl cailín beag, little girl Interestingly, cailín óg means 'a grown-up girl'.

well that be simple lassie: You need coffee, baileys, brandy cream, and a splash of rum :) well that's my version anyway Enjoy :)

About 48% of the colonies were Scottish and/or Irish so the majority fighting were Scottish and Irish.

Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, and Manx all derive from Old Irish.

In Irish: gráIn Scottish Gaelic: gaolIrish is grá; Scottish is gaol

no there is not. although there is an Irish coven Irish is different from SCOTTISH :| :|

In Irish and Scottish Gaelic: agus leat-sa

(If you mean the mother of Jesus, it's Muire in Irish and Moire in Scottish.))Otherwise in Irish it's Máire. In Scottish Gaelic it is Màiri

He was Irish, not Scottish.

scottish causeim scottish and i should know

coltish people have Scottish accents; garlic people have Irish accents

No they don't. Irish people and Scottish people get on very well.

He is of three-fourths Scottish and one-fourth Irish ancestry (Irish paternal grandfather). He was born in Scotland.

Northern English, and Scottish.

In the two types of GaelicIrish: ascaillScottish Gaelic: ?Oxter

Originally, it's an Irish name but a lot of Scottish people use it as well.

It doesn't mean anything in Irish or Scottish, it's an English given name.

In the Irish language: Gréasaí.In Scottish Gaelic: ?In Irish: GRÉASAÍ is 'shoemaker';In Scottish Gaelic:

The name McDaniel family history indicates that its a popular surname of the Irish and Scottish origin.

The English language? Béarla (Irish) Beurla (Scottish Gaelic). As an adjective? Sasanach (Irish), Sasannach (Scottish). "The English (people)" na Sasanaigh in Irish; Sasannaich (?) in Scottish Gaelic.

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