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Yeah Jericho is coming Back i think its coming in June.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-09 09:43:15
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Q: Is the tv show Jericho coming back?
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When Is the tv show Jericho coming back?

It isn't. Somebody at CBS got stupid and cancelled it.

Is the television show The Game coming back?

yes it will be coming back soon in early january

When is the TV show Moonlight coming back?

the show has been cancelled

Is Courteney Cox coming back on Back at the Barnyard?

Not the tv show voice.

Is the tv show the game coming back with a new season?

yes it will be back on tv this summer

Is the TV Show Shark coming back this season?

No. the show got cancelled in 2008.

When is H2O coming back on tv in US?

Well i hope it`s coming back on this yesr,cause i really lioke this show

When is Dave Chappelle returning to his television show?

hes coming back tommorrow

Is the Amanda show coming back on TV?

No sry but the cancelled it

When is Make it or Break it coming back on tv in 2011?

I heard that it is coming back in springtime and when i saw that i thought what the hell because i love that show

When is the TV Show 'Pretty Little Liars' coming back on?

I think its coiming back November

Is thumb wrestling federation tv show coming back?


Is wayside the tv show coming back?

Most Likely This Summer.

When is the lying game the tv show coming back on?

January 2nd

When is neighbors the tv show coming back in 09?

Yea ItS aLlReAdY oN :D

When is the TV Show 24 coming Back in 2011?

No its not, from my understanding they are turning it into a movie.

When is the lonney tunes show coming back on tv?

July July

When is the HBO show bored to death coming back on television?

21st of December 2012.

Is the TV show Las Vegas coming back?

I hope I don't like the way it ended o love that show

Has the television show 'Jericho' been cancelled?

Yes, it has been canceled. Jericho was a serial drama produced by CBS Paramount Network Television. The show premiered on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 on CBS. On May 16, 2007 the show was canceled due to low ratings, but after fans mounted a protest, the network brought it back in 2008 for seven more episodes. The ratings did not improve, and it was then canceled for good.

Is NCIS coming back in the Fall 2012?

I sure hope so, it is the best show on tv.

Is heroes coming back in 2010?

No , not after NBC cancelled the show but there may be a made for TV movie .

Is the show rules of engagement ever coming back on tv?

2013 was it's last season.

Is the TV show Life with Damien Lewis coming back?

No, it was canceled due to low ratings.

Is the tv show friends ever coming back on tv?

No. But there is a kind of follow up show called Joey and it is just the story of Joey when he moves to L.A