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Is the use of a condom or the withdrawal method with the pill more effective than the pill by itself?

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Yes. The pill is about 97% effective with typical use, 99% effective with perfect use (hint: read the directions and follow them). That leaves a 3% chance with typical use and a 1% chance with perfect use of getting pregnant.

With typical use, condoms are about 82-90% effective (10-18% of couples using this as sole Birth Control method will get pregnant over the course of a year), but 98% effective with perfect use. Just so we don't overestimate things, these calculations use the worst typical effectiveness.

If I am a typical pill user I have a 3% chance of getting pregnant. If I combine that with a condom, then I have a ((3)x(0.18))% chance of getting pregnant, or only 0.54% now.

If I am a typical pill user and combine that with the pull-out method (effectiveness about 70% on a good day), then my chances of getting pregnant are ((3)x(0.3))%, or 0.9%.

As you can see, the withdrawal method by itself isn't particularly effective, but because the pill is very effective at preventing pregnancy, the chances of it happening are small.

The pill+condom combination is more effective, because condoms have a better success rate than the withdrawal method.

In addition condoms help prevent STDs

2011-02-27 20:52:31
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You first withdrawal without condom for few minutes and then you put the condom is that prevent the pregnancy?

Do you mean withdrawal for round 1 and than put a condom on for round 2? If so, if the withdrawal method is performed correctly and the condom is on properly, yes. But it is best to just were a condom at all time.

Pregnant from the withdraw method?

yes, this has happened to a lot of people. The withdrawal method is NOT as reliable as a condom.

What is the most effective method of contraception?

i think the most effective method is a condom and the pill No it is Abstinence

Is there any side effects when you use withdrawal method?

Pregnancy and STDs. Wear a condom.

If you had intercourse in the day of your ovulation can you get pregnant even if you used condom and withdrawal at the same time?

You will have to wait until your period comes before you can know. Condoms used correctly are 97% effective. Pulling out (withdrawal) is NOT a method of birth control.

Should you use birth control pills if you do not want to get pregnant and are using other methods of preventing pregnancy such as withdrawal method and a male condom?

Birth control pills are the most effective form of birth control. The withdrawal method does not work and if your practice that you will become pregnant. Thanks, JM

How effective is withdrawal and the rhythm method?

Age makes no difference, withdrawal is NOT a method of birth control and you have a 30% chance of getting pregnant.

How long is birth control effective after stopping?

That will surely depend on the birth control method used. For example, a condom is only effective while you actually use it.That will surely depend on the birth control method used. For example, a condom is only effective while you actually use it.That will surely depend on the birth control method used. For example, a condom is only effective while you actually use it.That will surely depend on the birth control method used. For example, a condom is only effective while you actually use it.

Are the risks of pregnancy high if you use a condom with the withdrawal method?

Guys can't feel the precum, so use LOTS of lubricant, but you're being smart if you use the condom. The withdrawel method with the condom is a nice way to prevent pregnancy, but I would recommend taking the pill with the condom.

How effective is the withdrawal method after stopping birth control pills?

Depending on when you stopped using birth control can change the effectiveness of the withdrawal method. Missing one or two pills in your pill pack can cause you to become pregnant even if you use the withdrawal method. The withdrawal method is not very effective even without the use of birth control pills because the man does not have to ejaculate for a woman to get pregnant since there can be sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid. The withdrawal method usually results in pregnancy 8 times out of every 10 women or 80%. Therefore, this method is not very effective.

What is the least effective method The Pill condom diaphragm contraceptive injection?


How effective is the birth control patch and withdrawal?

HOW ARE YOU ON THE PATCH AND HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX?AnswerOf course she is protected by the patch from becoming pregnant, but other than that she was not protcected by a condom, which would protect her from STD's. ANSWERYou are protected from pregnancy as long as you have changed it once a week.The patch used properly is one of the most effective reversible methods of birth control. Whether you use withdrawal is irrelevant, withdrawal is not a method of birth control.

Whats the least effective form of birth control?

not using any at all is the least effective the withdrawal method is a joke

What are the chances of getting pregnant using a spermicide and the pull out method?

FORGET withdrawal because it's NOT reliable. Use a condom instead.

Can you get pregnant if penis is pulled out?

Withdrawal is not a reliable method of birth control.Use a condom - it helps protect againstSTDs as well as pregnancy. Abstinence is 100% effective. No other methods (except those that involve surgery) are 100% guaranteed.

IS any birth control method effective?

best method is the pill - 98% effective. however, use a condom along with that! worse than getting pregnant, you can get sick and die. use both! Celibacy is 100% effective

How effective is the withdrawal method if you know he pulled out on time?

Don't gamble,you are the one who is going to have to face the consequences.

What type of method is the use of a condom?

The use of a condom is a "barrier" method of contraception.

Can withdrawal cause pregnancy?

Technically the answer to your question as asked is no, the act of withdrawal, in itself, cannot cause pregnancy. However, the answer to the question I think you were probably trying to ask is yes: withdrawal is not a reliable method of contraception.

What is the best method for not to get pregnant?

There is only one method that is 100% sure to not get pregnant. That is, do not have sex. Otherwise, use a condom and maybe the pill. Both are highly effective.

How well does withdrawal method and spermicide work to prevent pregnancy?

Buy condoms with built-in spermicide, and be careful to hold onto the condom when you withdraw the penis from the vagina.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when pulling out?

Hi. Pulling out is known as the withdrawal method and this does put the woman at risk of pregnancy. When you are trying not to conceive, always use a condom.

Can withdrawal method together with using condom at the same time can prevent pregnancy?

Yeah, using both of those probably eliminates the possibility of getting pregnant.

Stress prevents pregnancy?

Unless the condom is made of stress, no. You must use a contraceptive such as a condom, or a birth control pill, patch, shot etc. The withdrawal method is by far not the most recommended use of birth control either.

What are the most effective birth control methods?

The most effective method is abstinence. Failing that, a vasectomy or tubal ligation. If neither of those sound appealing, use a condom.