Chevy Blazer S-10

Is the water pump bad when water leaks out from below it or could there be something wrong with the block on a 1996 s10 blazer?



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It Could Be Or a hose. If It Isn`t A Bad Leak. Take It To A Radiator Shop Have Them Pressure Test The System. This Is Done With a Small Pump That Fits Where The Radiator Cap Is. They Apply Around 18 lbs Pressure. Then They Can Find Your Leak. GOOD LUCK You Also May Have a Bad Freeze Out Plug++ this is a small cupped plug driven into the block to keep the engine block from cracking if it freezes. As I Reread Your Question You Seem To Be Asking If The Water Leaks From The Water Pump Area Is It Bad. If This Is What Its Doing Then Yes It Is. It Will Leak Out The Shaft Bottom It Has What Is Know As A Weep Hole. It Leaks Due To Bad Bearing And Seal.If This Is It Replace The Pump, And Bypass Hose. If Leaks Continue Then Have The Pressure Test Done. GOOD LUCK