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the English word Marriage is not of Jewish origin. The Hebrew word used is eithr 'Hatuna' - חתונה or 'Nisu'in' - נישואים

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Q: Is the word marriage found in the original Hebrew?
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Is the word marriage masculine or feminine in Hebrew?

hatuna is feminine

Where can the word notsree be found in the Hebrew bible?

The Hebrew word "Notsri" (נוצרי) does not appear in the Hebrew Bible. Notsri is a Modern Hebrew word.

What is the original language for the word amen?

It is an old Hebrew word meaning "it is finished."

How many words are in the original Bible in Hebrew and Greek languages?

Word Of God in the original Bible in language?? * Hebrew * Greek It's true!

What do Jewish people call marriage?

It depends on what language they speak. American and British Jews call it "marriage". The Hebrew word for "marriage" is Nisu'in (נישוין)

Origin of the name David?

In its original form, it's a Hebrew word meaning "beloved".

What is the language of zaboor?

Zaboor is a word from the Arabic language, and it refers to the biblical Psalms in Islam. The language of the Zaboor is typically Arabic or the original Hebrew in the Bible.

What does the original Hebrew word for proverb mean?

Proverb is "pitgam". But the Biblical book is called "mishlei".

How many times is the word marriage found in the Bible?

Marriage occurs 21 times in the KJV Bible

What does the Hebrew word Shabbat mean?

The English word "sabbath" is one of the many words that came to English from Hebrew,by way of King James' translation committee.The original Hebrew word is pronounced "shah-BAHT". Included in it are elements of the conceptsof "seven" and "pause" or "rest".Whatever the word "sabbath" means to you is evolved from the Hebrew concept of Sabbath.

What does the word evil mean in the Hebrew bible?

Obviously the Tanach (Jewish Bible) is written in Hebrew so the word 'evil' is not present in the text. If the question is asking what word is translated as 'evil' in the original Hebrew, there are different words that are translated to evil in English that have different meanings depending on context.

What is the Hebrew word for an?

There is no Hebrew word for "an." There is no indefinite article in Hebrew.