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Is theatre primary purpose to educate the public?

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It depends what school of thought you come from. For many its primary purpose is to entertain. From a cynic's point of view, anything that costs money to use/see/get exists solely to sell itself. Otherwise, its primary purpose depends on the show. The Madness of King George or Les Miserables, for example, teach the audience about interesting times in history. Shows like Wicked and Phantom of the Opera, in addition to being highly entertaining, make you think about ethics and philosophy. Despite this variance, the one thing that most shows share is a goal of entertaining the audience.

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How do political parties educate the public?

They educate the public by putting advertisements up or commercials.

What is the primary purpose of the Florida real estate license law?

To protect the public

When was Cleveland Public Theatre created?

Cleveland Public Theatre was created in 1984.

When did Cincinnati Public Theatre end?

Cincinnati Public Theatre ended in 2001.

When was Cincinnati Public Theatre created?

Cincinnati Public Theatre was created in 1997.

Is the word educate a noun?

No, the word 'educate' is a verb: educate, educates, educating, educated.Example: The program is an effort to educate the public about infant and child nutrition.The noun forms for the verb to educate are educator, education, and the gerund, educating.

A message created to educate people about an issue?

Public Service Announcement  

What is Chicago Public Schools's motto?

Chicago Public Schools's motto is 'Educate. Inspire. Transform.'.

Why did James Burbage built the Globe?

James Burbage did not build the Globe; he built a theatre called The Theatre, which was the first successful purpose-built playhouse in England. His sons Richard and Cuthbert built the Globe Theatre in order (of course) to present public performances.

What are the two primary purpose of bail?

The first purpose of bail is to provide financial guarantees that the defendant will appear in court. A secondary purpose in many states is the use of bail to help insure public safety.

The primary concern or goal of an interest group is?

An interest group is also known as a lobbying group or advocacy group. Their primary purpose is to encourage or discourage changes in public policy.

What are intergovernmental revenues generally used to do?

Educate and provide public welfare

What is Highline Public Schools's motto?

The motto of Highline Public Schools is 'Educate Every Student and Expect Excellence'.

Where was the first public theater?

The first public theatre was in Ancient Greece.

How do zoos educate the public?

Zoos educate the public by putting animals on exhibit and putting up signs about that particular animal with various information, such as where the animal lives, whether or not it's endangered, etc. Some also have programs where they take animals to schools, etc. and educate people about those animals.

Who gave lectures to educate the public about impurities in foods and drugs?

Theodore roosevelt

How can you educate the public on peer pressure?

You can do this by creating public awareness. This can come in the form of seminars, talk and forming help group.

What is the purpose of public sector accounting?

The purpose of a public sector is to give service to the customers

Who wrote the novel Tomorrow to educate the public about the horrors of the American war?

Philip Wylie

What is theatre publicity who is a theatre pulicity manager what the basic functions of a theatre publicity manager?

Theatre publicity is advertising theatres. A theatre publicity manager's job is to inform the public of the productions that will be on at their theatre and market them so seats sell.

What is the purpose of mass media?

Mass media are the means of communication that is used in order to communicate and transfer information in general public. These can also a source of entertainment in some ways. The mass media also aim to educate people.

How many public restrooms were in the Globe Theatre?


How was the public notified about performances at the globe theatre?

People hung posters around town around the theatre.

How does the concept of popular sovereignty reflect ideas of the enlightenment?

Happiness of the general public is the primary purpose of government, rather than the happiness of the aristocracy or the selected few.

Who Made it her life's work to educate the public as to the poor conditions for both the mentally ill and for prisoners?

The woman who made it her life's work to educate the public about the poor conditions for mentally ill and prisoners was Dorothea Dix. She was a schoolteacher, author, and then activist to help others.