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Runescape is completely safe, unlike the last contributer thought.

Just click "No" when it asks to Block.

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You might reconfigure the firewall so that it allows RuneScape.

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The firewall, and the fact that certain game sites are blocked, is really a kind of hint: you are supposed to be studying.

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Q: Is their a way to get into runescape if your computer has a firewall blocking it?
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What is the difference between a firewall and a computer virus?

A virus is a computer program designed in some way to harm the way a computer functions. A firewall protects against viruses and other unwanted programs.

How did RuneScape get on your computer and how do you remove it?

The only way Runescape can get onto your computer is if you (or someone with access to your computer) downloaded it from the internet ! If there's no uninstall option in the folder where Runescape is installed, use the 'Add and remove programs' option in Control Panel !

What is the Way to minimize the computer hacking?

Get a Firewall and an anti-virus. One firewall state-of-the-art, and the other outdated.

What are the disadvantages of firewall?

Firewall provides a way of controlling network access to a computer. However, using firewall may degrade the performance of the system. It is also difficult to configure and maintain the firewall.

Is there a virus on RuneScape cause I can't get on and my friend says my virus blocker is too strong?

There is no virus in Runescape, if you can't trust it then simply don't play it. If you have set you security way too high, turn down your firewall a notch then try again, if that don't work then use tools > Internet options > security and add to your trusted sites list, is that don't work then your computer just won't simply allow you to play runescape on it. Note: Make sure you aren't playing on High-Detail mode, you need a decent computer/Laptop to play on that Detail, although the old High-Detail should be ok.How do I do that? There is no internet options in my tools. and how do I turn my firewall down?

How do you get the guy to move who is blocking the way to the lake of rage?

No one is blocking the way to the Lake of Rage. There is one person blocking the Gym and another blocking the way to route 44.

Is there a RuneScape cheat website?

Trust me, there is no proper way to cheat in runescape if players claim to know a cheat it's most likely to steal your account password by installing a keylogger on your computer.

Runescape best money maker hack ever nonmember?

There is no way to hack RuneScape, and those they claim they can are obviously have key-loggers on their computer, which may I add can be used to steal passwords.

Runescape best stat changer hack ever downlaod?

There is no way to hack runescape, and those they claim they can are obviously have key-loggers on their computer, which may I add can be used to steal passwords.

What if your brother blocked runescape so how do you unblock it and play it?

The only way to do so is to ty and unblock it somehow, otherwise you will need to use a different computer all together to play runescape.

How can you block in RuneScape?

Currently, blocking is not possible on Runescape. Players will simply walk through another player if they are in the way. However, closing doors can prevent players from simply clicking into a building (though eventually, a door jam effect will be put into place after rapid closing/opening).

Is there a way to get a free Dedicated server to host a RuneScape Private Server 24 7?

Get a kid to keep his computer turned on.