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Q: Is there Altoids in Taiwan
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Are Altoids vegetarian?

No, Altoids contain gelatin.

Who invented altoids?

Altoids were invented in the 19th century by Smith & co. To learn more about these tasty treats, look inside of the tin that Altoids come in on the paper. It has a brief history of Altoids.

What is with altoids enter at your own risk?

Altoids are supposed to be very strongly minty: Therefore, you enter the experience of eating Altoids "at your own risk"

Is it true altoids will help pass a mouth swab test?

lol no altoids do not help you pass a mouth swab test.

Can altoids make soda explode?

yeah, if you do it right. put lots of Altoids, close the lid and throw it and it should explode and fly around

What are the side effects of snorting Altoids?

Altoids consist primarily of sugar, with small amounts of flavoring as well as gelatin to give structure. Snorting Altoids can cause the same problems as snorting any other powder, namely nasal irritation, bleeding, damage to the mucous membranes and even sinus infections. Altoids do not contain stimulants and so will not result in any sort of "high". The sugar base of Altoids will not be absorbed by the tissues inside of the nose, so buildup can cause dangerous blockages. Snorting Altoids is not recommended, even as a recreational drug, as there is no potential benefit but significant risks.

Do altoids expire?


Can dogs eat altoids?


What is the ticker symbol for Altoids?

Altoids are a product of the Wrigley Company. The ticker symbol for the Wrigley Company is WWY and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Will Altoids help with a swab drug screen?

There are no magic potions that will allow you to do drugs and still pass the test. Altoids will make your drug-laden saliva smell good.

Why do Altoids have wrappers inside the tin?

To increase their shelf life and make them more resistant to moisture/heat. Individual wrappers will prevent the Altoids from melting together.

What is the best type of Altoids?

Definitely, Cinnamon!

Can eating Altoids cause a swollen gland?

No, eating Altoids can not cause a swollen gland. Glands only swell when there is an infection present in the body. A doctor will be able to tell you the cause.

What spy gadgets can you make from an altoids tin?

An Altoids tin can be used for a number of things. It can house a tiny camera, or even act as a holder for a survival kit or first aid kit.

How many Altoids does it take to kill a person?

If you're terminal and it's your last day, video record yourself eating altoids. And when you die, have some one there to submit your video to YouTube, google or something.

When did Altoids stop making Tangerine Sours?


Do Altoids make water cooler?

It is just an impression.

What happens when you snort Altoids?

you're butt explodes in half

Candy starting with a?

a piece of licorice. no, just kidding-altoids.

Where can Altoids be bought in Britain?

in a local store or deli =D

What is candy that sharts with a?

Abba-Zabba , Almond Joy , Altoids ,

Can altoids kill you?

if they can Why aren't i dead yet? Ha-Ha if you know what i mean. I ate plenty of Altoids when i was younger and i still do. Delish. But I'm not totally sure if they can kill you, if you're allergic to what they use to make them then there is a chance.

Can horses eat Altoids?

Horses can have altoiods it only depends on if they want to eat it.

When were the first Altoids first made?

Altoids have a surprisingly deep history. Created in Britain during the reign of King George III, they were made by Smith & Company in the 1780 before changing to Callard & Bower several decades later.

Names of candy that start with the letter A?

altoid. abba Zazza Almond Joy Air Head