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You could try a string and a doorknob. Another way is to BREAK the panel loose CAREFULLY, then replace via your own custom design. I have an '88. The pain was in removing the cigarette lighter from underneath. First I had to remove, then enter through the ashtray. It was necessary though. The mounting hole's tab for the lighter can be cut loose from the dash after the panel is removed initially. I also had to remove the knob on the headlight switch (depress the tab at base of knob to remove from shaft) in order to unscrew the switch. Fortunately, that's done from the front. The rest consisted of a few screws across the top. Then, just pop it loose. Good luck.........Slantsix.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-29 06:17:14
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Q: Is there Any short cuts to removing a radio from a 1985 Chevrolet celebrity?
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