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Is there a cell phone list to telemarketers?

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No. This is a wise tale started by e-mail chain letters. There are no 'master lists'. Each carrier has the numbers registered, but not centralized. Often times - they have multiple database systems for different areas of the country. This system makes it impossible to print or provide a list of all registered numbers.

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How do you block your home phone number and your cell phone number from telemarketers?

For cell phones call from the cell phone 888-3821222

What is a "No call list" useful for?

A no call list is intended to stop unwanted telephone calls from telemarketers. You can register your phone number in a directory to eliminate these calls.

Can you get your number off of their list for telemarketing?

In order to be off a telemarketing list, you need to register your phone number with the "Do Not Call" list. This is a government service. Once you are on the list, it is illegal for telemarketers to contact you.

Are cellphone numbers going to telemarketers shortly?

Telemarketers and people who do telephone research or charities are not allowed to call any cell phones by law. If they accidentaly call your number, just tell them it's a cell phone and they won't call you again.

Can telemarketers call cell phones?

Yes, depends on the type of account these telemarketers have.

How often are cell phone numbers called by telemarketers?

It is not nearly as common as telemarketer calls to landline phones since it is usually illegal for telemarketers to call wireless phone numbers. It does still happen, though users can register their number with the national do-not-call registry.

Are Cell phone numbers being released to telemarketers?

No, they are not. And even so, you can add your number to the Do Not Call list at any time. There is no deadline. Read the story at this link:

Is it true that cell phone numbers will be made public this month unless you call 888 382 1222 to stop it?

No it is not true. This rumor comes around every year but the truth of the matter is that cell phone records are not public records and cannot be published. The number you provided is for the National Do Not Call Registry and they add your numbers to the list for Telemarketers not to call.

How do you opt out all telemarketing calls?

Here's a great article that tells you how to get rid of all telemarketers for good. There's tips on how to register for the National Do Not Call List as well as how to handle telemarketers on the phone effectively.

How do you clear the blocked list on my cell phone?

It depends on the phone. Be specific.

Need list of calls on cell phone that is not mine it is a company phone?

she has a stupid phone

How do you forward you house phone to your cell phone?

you forward your house phone number to your cell phone because if you forget your number then you can have it on your speed dial list.

What are out of area phone calls?

Out of Area are usally bill collectors or telemarketers.

What is a no call list and how do I sign up?

You can either call: (888) 382-1222 or go to the website: to put your phone number in so that telemarketers are not allowed to call you.

Where do telemarketers get their information to call people or businesses?

They get their information from large phone companies who we believe are selling on our numbers for extra cash to third party companies such as telemarketers

Are cell phone numbers in the phone book?

Generally not. Phone books list land line phone numbers.

How can you really determine the best cell phone deals?

You should compile a list of things you want out of a cell phone plan and things you don't want out of a cell phone plan. Then, you should compare all the offers you see with your list. The plan that most closely correlates to your list will be the best plan for you.

"Could the "Do Not Call" service help me to avoid telemarketers?

The do not call list could help you cut down on the calls you get. You do have to keep updating it. You can register your phone number at do not call gov.

How do you know if somebody has blocked your cell phone number from his cell phone?

Well u have to take your boyfriends phone and check the call reject list

How can I find a list of all the cell phone service providers for calif.?

You can go to: It has a list of all cell phone service providers in California

How do you get the red cross to stop calling?

Ask them nicely to stop. Another more effective way to stop on unwanted phone solicitiors is to instruct them to put you on the "Do Not Call List". The "Do Not Call List" is regulated by each state and makes telemarketers stop.

What does prl ona cell phone mean?

Preferred Roaming List. A list of the frequency bands a phone can use or roam on outside of their home area.

How do you stop telemarketers?

Have your number placed on the national do not call list. Do not give out your phone number. Bark at them like a dog when they call. Ask for their home number so you can call them later. Answer the phone and act like you can't hear them; they'll give up.

Where can I find a list of Verizon cell phone plans as compared to AT&T cell phone plans?

A good place to find a list of cell phone plans that compare Verizon to AT&T would be on There, if you run a search, you can find information on the comparisons over the last year, and possibly this year.

Can a person get in trouble for using a sound blaster in response to a telemarketers unwanted phone call?


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