Is there a certain time frame that the custodial parent should get medical bills or insurance EOBS to the noncustodial parent who is responsible for medical bills not covered by insurance?

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You contact your local Domestic Relations Office for the information. They should have a policy on it. In the state of PA the custodial parent must provide the documents within 6 months or the Domestic Relations Office may not assist in recouping the funds from the non custodial parent. Good Luck. What does the Court Order say? I would suggest the sooner the better, if the claim wasn't processed correctly the other parent might be able to get it corrected. Maybe the other parent has other coverage that will pay it. Also, the medical provider would want to get paid as soon as possible. for more info see
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Can a non-custodial parent be billed for medical charges not covered by insurance when the custodial parent signed for it?

What does your judgment for divorce say? Seat of the pants answer would be yes. I was responsible to pay for medical expenses only after she paid the initial $250 deductible and all claims have been submitted to inusrance carriers. I have also been in situations ( Full Answer )

Can you be billed for your medical bills if you were on a parent's insurance?

Answer . \nBeing billed for medical services has nothing to do with insurance coverage, your parents or your own. Whether it is legal and appropriate to bill you would depend if you are an adult, if you signed the authorization form taking responsibility for the bill, and whether this was a work ( Full Answer )

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay unreimbursed medical expenses and both parents have insurance coverage for the child how can you prove the custodial parent has coverage when she denies it?

Answer . \nThe attorney representing the non-custodial parent can serve the custodial parent with a interogatory summons requesting proof of insurance or the lack thereof. If the parent wishing such information does not have legal representation, he or she may wish to contact the clerk of the cir ( Full Answer )

Are adult children responsible for the medical bills of a parent?

Answer . \nOnly if they signed an agreement promising to do so.\n. \nAdmittance forms into a hospital, medical facility, nursing home, for medical procedures and so forth are not considered financial agreements to pay costs incurred unless they state otherwise, if so, the presenter must inform ( Full Answer )

Can a noncustodial parent be billed directly from medical provider for their share of unreimbursed medical bill?

A hospital can only bill a noncustodial parent if that parent calls or signs to okay it. if the spouse simply says to bill my spouse, then you can fight it because you did not okay it. BUT, if the divorce papers say that you are 50/50 responsible, it would be a losing battle. In my divorce I wrote t ( Full Answer )

Whose medical insurance covers your child if both parents are insured?

In order for your child to have insurance coverage, your child would need to be listed as a covered person on the policy, and a premium would need to have been collected for the child. Even if both parents are insured, if your child isn't on the policy and has not been considered as a portion of the ( Full Answer )

Are parents responsible for adult children's medical bills if they have medical insurance on them?

No. Insurance, and Responsible party are two different obligations. Insurance is just a service. Responsibilty to pay is owed by anyone over the age of 18, the legal gaurdian that signs for a minor will be responsible there of. Yes. In March 2011, my husband asked this question of his employer w ( Full Answer )

What can you do about medical bills when you have no medical insurance?

This is a common plight amongst many citizens in the US. There are various agencies (local and state) that provide limited medical benefits to those who are truly 'needy' or 'homeless'. The other things to do is contact the place where the medical bills have racked up and talk to them about how y ( Full Answer )

Are parents responsible for a dead child's medical bills?

In most cases the debts of the deceased are the responsibility of the estate. If they are a minor, yes, they will be held responsible. Anyone that was also a co-signer on any of the agreements might also be responsible. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction for help.

Who's responsible for medical bills of adult children who have no insurance?

It is a difficult decision to make. If you have the means, you can either loan or give the money to the child so that treatment can be given in the shortest time. Without insurance, public funding or hospitals can be researched for the best price. Unfortunately, many hospitals will not treat patient ( Full Answer )

Are parent responsible for medical bills for a 20 year old in new york state with no medical insurance?

only if you are a student otherwise you left their protected wing when you turned 18. there are circumstances that may apply in keeping under parent's plan . like if you are totally disabled or cannot make a decision for yourself, but these cases fall under medicaid. so if you are not a student and ( Full Answer )

Are children responsible for parents medical bills?

No, but bear in mind that the costs will come out of the parents' estate first. So if a single parent died with assets worth $12,000US, the medical bills will be paid after the necessary amount of assets have been liquidated. The child will then inherit the rest. If the medical bills are higher t ( Full Answer )

Medical insurance billing and coding as?

Answer The -AS modifier is used when a doctor bills on behalf of his surgical assistant. If the assistant submitted his own claim he could use -80, -81, or -82.

Can you get medical insurance for your parents?

Off course you can get your parents the medical insurance, many companies in the market provide medical insurance, for your entire family. But just look through the following points before purchasing it: - Coverage - Cashless facility available or not - Which hospitals are covered? - Benefi ( Full Answer )

Have not received bill for medical insurance?

If you're talking about the bill for a medical visit, that will come from your doctor or hospital. It often takes 30-90 days for that process to play through and for you to see the bill. The patient typically receives a medical bill once the payer has paid their portion.

What percent does insurance cover of a medical bill?

This depends on the insurance provider. Some cover only 25% of specific medical treatments, others could cover as much as 100%. Generally speaking most insurance providers cover 80% of a regular (preventative care) doctor visit or require a co-pay. Check the policy information before you purchase ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for a custodial parent to put the name and SSN of the noncustodial parent on medical document without consent but bills sent to the custodial parent address?

This begs the question, "Is the child in question yours?" Obviously he is. There are a number of different ways to answer this, one would be to note just what sort of petty person you are. Let's just say that has been accomplished by you already, and move on. It is perfectly legal for anyon ( Full Answer )

Are both parents responsible for children medical bills after a divorce?

It depends on what was ordered by the courts. Often, one parent is responsible for maintaining medical insurance, but both are responsible for the portion that's not covered by insurance. It may be a 50/50 split, or it may be 60/40 or even 70/30. It all depends on each parent's financial status, as ( Full Answer )

Will auto insurance cover medical bills from an auto accident?

Yes. Most states require that the registrant of an auto to maintain a type of coverage to pay for his/her own medical expenses and a portion of lost wages as a result of a collision. This is generally payable without regard to fault for the collision and is payable under the injured party's own poli ( Full Answer )

Does the state of California obligate a noncustodial parent to provide medical insurance to an 18 year old and full times student?

There is not a state or federal law requiring any parent to provide health insurance to a child. If the child were under age 18, then the doctor or hospital could hold the parent responsible for the bill. Since the child is 18, he is himself responsible for his bills -- medical and otherwise. Sin ( Full Answer )

When does the non-custodial parent's medical insurance coverage stop for a child of divorced parents?

It would depend on why it stopped. If the non-custodial parent lost his or her job and their medical insurance along with it, the courts may not expect the unemployed parent to maintain medical insurance if doing so would be financially impossible. However, child support would continue as all states ( Full Answer )

How does medical billing work with insurance?

Medical Billing uses unique medical codes tied to any supplies or procedure to submit to insurance companies for reimbursement. The medical codes must be verified by a certified professional prior to submission.

What is meant by medical insurance billing?

Child plans are a combination of two things, insurance andinvestments. These plans insure the life of the parent with most ofthem having inbuilt waiver of premium benefit which means, thatafter death of the life assured, the premiums will not be payableanymore but the benefits of the plan will conti ( Full Answer )