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Is there a chance of becoming pregnant if the withdrawal method is used in a standing position and if you wash yourself with water within one hour?


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PROTECTION! Withdrawl does NOT work - not even if your standing on your heads!

No matter what type of soap you use, ya cant stop them sperm!

Answerand BTW - even if he puts it in - does not get off and then puts the rubber on later before getting off , you can STILL get pregnant. Pre-cum has active sperm. AnswerParents: A word for people who use the pull-out or rhythm methods of Birth Control. Really, sperm wants to get you pregnant and your traitorous body wants to get pregnant. They will collaborate if allowed to come in contact with one another to make a baby. Keep sperm, pre-cum and uncovered penises away from your vagina if you aren't ready for midnight pickle cravings, stretch marks and dirty diapers. AnswerThere is a chance of becoming pregnant with any act of unprotected sexual contact not to mention that you risk contracting any number of STDs I suggest that you use a condom or more reliable form of birth control than the withdrawal method within one year of using this method 85-90% of the people using it will become pregnant.... Why don't you try the pill, patch, ring, shot, IUD, spermicides, diaphragm, cervical cap anything is better than the withdrawal... ANOTHER ANSWERGUYS WHO use the withdrawl method are called "daddy". <<>>
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