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Yes, there are loads of websites. Search in Google. Type in: chat rooms teenagers. Something good should come up.

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Are you here to chat?

No. This is a question and answer site, not a chat room.

Is there an online chat on this site?

No, WikiAnswers is not a chat room.

How might a chat room be used for advertising?

A vendor sponsoring of a chat room such that the sponsoring vendor places a link on the site

In a chat room how long does a ban last?

How long a ban lasts in a chat room will depend on the rules of a particular web site on the Internet. Each web site has their own rules governing chat rooms.

How can a you find a site for free chat room?

check my bio it has my website on it which has a free chat service.

What is a chat room and how it is operated?

A Chat room is a site where multiple people can talk at the same time. The way it is operated, is someone types a word or sentence and presses enter, and the message is posted for everyone in the chat room to see.

Are there any chat rooms for people under 21?

I've provided a link to my site below, which has a chat room.

Can you send messages on this site?

Yes if you have an account but this is not a chat room site, Wiki is currently going through changes to stop people "chatting" on here, there are a few things they are thinking of introducing to stop this site being used as a chat room rather than a question/answer site.

Any good chat rooms?

Try this site http://share-ask.com/chat-room/ without Registrating or signup

Is there a website or how do you make your own chat room?

If you goto www.wetpaint.com they have a website builder which has a chat widget you can add to the site. Hope this helps :]

Why do some Posters think WikiAnswers.com is a Chat room?

They think that WikiAnswers is a chat room because if there are message boards, it must be a chat room. Though, most people know it isn't a chat room, most chatters use it as a free site to chat back and forth so they don't have to use email, or use text minutes on their phone, etc. Basically, if they aren't supposed to do it, they'll do it.

Fun avatar chat sites?

I've provided a link to my site below, which has a chat room. If you are looking for an avatar chat site, you should take a look on www.clubcooee.com Just visit and think about it. You can talk to many people and do many things like decorate you room or you avatar and every week or so is an event.

Do you have chatting websites for 10 year olds?

We're not intended to be a chat site at all, though some users seem to think we are.

What is the site of Howrse.com chat room?

There used to be a Howrse.com chatroom, but it does not exist anymore. There are other Chat and message groups for Howrse. Search online to get a list.

What is the best chat site?

The best chat site is Facebook and second is Twitter.

Fun chat rooms for moms?

It isn't a chat room but I have a mommy online forum. You should check it out! Here is the site: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Mommys_Getaway/index/

How can you chat with Arab girls?

hi there for chatting wit arab girls you can visit this site i have seen many country chat room in Related Links. -------------- you can find them on Girlsdocam.com

What type of a website is Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue is an online chat community that offers free online chat rooms to users. There is a general chat room, as well as chat rooms specifically for kids, teens, girls and boys. The site also offers chat rooms based on interests, including sports, video games and music.

Do mindless be on dressup247 chat room?

No they do not b on a dress up site for girls they only b on facebook dum ques

Free chat site for tweens or teens?

I have a free chat site on my bio you should check it out.

How do you make a chat room on piczo websites?

there is a Cbox, which is a chatroom.. and u could just search in google. or just surf the good site and type in: CHAT HTML CODES or something like that...

What is a good discussion room for bipolar disorder?

there is a web site: http://bipolar.about.com and they have a lot of information about bipolar and there is a link to a chat room for bipolar people and their families or support people.

Is there a dating site for 12-15 year olds?

I haven't found any yet, though I am still looking. An alternative to dating sites would be chat rooms. While some are highly unsafe there are some that are there for teens to interact with people their own age. One of the most popular and safest sites I have found is 321teenchat.com. I have tested it out and while sometimes the chats can get out of hand, it is a great site to talk and sometimes, even flirt. The site has different "rooms" you can go to. They have the lobby(the room you start out in), singles room, 13-15 room, 15-18 room, my favorite: clean chat ,and many more. And as all parents say : though it is a safe site, you still should refrain from putting personal information.

Is there a chat site called Groovy Girls?

There is a site called Groovy Girls that has a chat on it. To visit the site go to the Related Link below.

Is barbie girls a chat site or a game?

It's a chat site , 3-D site and an online game hoped this helps :D

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