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No. Mixtures always have lowered melting points.

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Q: Is there a chemical that can be added to water to allow ice to form at temperatures higher than 32 degrees?
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As heat is added to a solid substance the atoms do what and move apart?

The higher the temperatures, the faster the atoms move. If the temperatures are high enough, the atoms may move apart changing the state of the object.

Why does the temperature remain constant during melting and boiling even though heat is added to it?

Every chemical has its maximum boiling point where no more heat can be added onto the actual chemical itself. The reason the temperature of boiling does not get much higher than 100 degrees C is because as the water is being cooled by the boiling process as it is being heated by the stove.

How can convert centigrade to Fahrenheit?

Zero degrees Celsius is equal to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Go any higher than the 1.8 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees is added. Each down 1.8 degrees from 32 degrees Celsius which is low.

When salt is added to boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius will the water boil faster or slower?

Slower, at higher temperature that is.

What is the melting point of a popsicle?

Most popsicles are largely water-based, with added flavoring and color. Thus, popsicles melt at very similar temperatures to water, which melts above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius.

What are two factors that are affected when an enzyme is added to a chemical reaction?

- with enzymes the rate of reaction is higher- an important characteristic of an enzyme is the specifity

What is a neutralizer?

A chemical that, when added to another chemical, will change the pH to neutral.

When bread dough rises when yeast is added is it a chemical change why?


Is sugar added to lemonade a physical or chemical change?

its a chemical lol

What chemical in red algae is added to ice cream?

This chemical is agar.

How many degrees is a triangle supposed to be if you added all the angles?

180 degrees

How many degrees need to be added to a 64 degrees right angle?


When bread dough rises when yeast is added is it a chemical change?

A chemical change

Whole milk curdles if vinger is added physical or chemical change?


What is the chemical equation when zinc is added water?

Chemical equation where zinc is added to water is listed below:Zn+ H2O ---> ZnO + H2

Can fren be added to the air conditioner unit at the house at any exterior temperature?

No, Freon can only be added of the outdoor temperature has been between 45 and 95 degrees for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, it wil end up being to much or too little freon when temperatures normalize

Does rusting happen faster if at a higher temperature and if so why?

Rusting is a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen. Specifically, it is the oxidation of iron. Almost chemical reactions occur at a faster rate at higher temperatures because particles have more kinetic energy. Based on the principle that particles must collide to react -----> This increase in kinetic energy means that when particles collide they 1) collide with more energy and 2) have more frequent collisions therefore the rate of reaction increases. The exceptions are exothermic reactions, which tend to slow down when more heat is added.

Phenolphthalein added to milk of magnesia?


What is the chemical process in which hydrogen atoms are added to unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats?

The chemical process in which hydrogen atoms are added to unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is hydrogenation.

Will the temperature of ice change if more ice is added to it?

Ice can be colder than zero degrees centigrade; there is no law that keeps ice at zero degrees. If there were such a law, then ice would be a perfectly clean, infinite source of energy. We could simply pump heat out of ice, and the heat would never diminish. But this is not the case. So it is possible to add water ices of different temperatures and in the long run the temperatures would balance out.

Which component is affected when a catalyst is added to a chemical reaction?

The component affected when a catalyst is added to a chemical reaction is the reactants. The purpose of a catalyst is to speed up a reaction.

What is the temperature of ice when salt is added to it?

38 degrees

Why does a shape gain 180 degrees every time a side is added to a shape?

I believe this is because you have added an extra angle (consider interior and exterior angle) which is 180 degrees. But, the sum of the exterior angles must always equal 360 degrees. Therefore the whole 180 degrees must be added to the sum of the interior angles. So every side that is added the sum of the interior angles adds up to 180 degrees. Hope that answers your question.

Whole milk curdles if vinegar is added to it - physical or chemical change?


What is the complements in math?

If you are talking about an angle, it is the number that when added together will make the number 90 degrees or 180 degrees or 360 degrees.