Is there a comma after Jr or Sr?

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A comma would be used both before and after the designations of "Jr." or "Sr.," as long as the sentence continues. If the designation is at the end of the sentence, then a comma is used only before it.

For example:John James, Sr., was well regarded in the community. However, the community had no use for John James, Jr.
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What is the value of a baseball signed by Ken Griffy Jr and Ken Griffy Sr?

Ken Griffy Jr Ken Griffy Sr Dual signed baseball . A Ken Griffy Jr Ken Griffy Sr Dual signed baseball is worth about $75.-$125.. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatur ( Full Answer )

How to use Sr Jr and III?

John Doe has a son also called John Doe. In these circumtances, the father is often called John Doe, Senior (Sr) and the son John Doe, Junior (Jr). If John Doe, Junior also has a son called John Doe the son might be called John Doe III.

Should a comma be used before Jr and Sr in a person's name?

Yes. Example: "Martin Luther King, Jr." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If the name is written in the usual order (e.g., "Martin Luther King Jr."), you may or may not use the comma, depending on your personal preference. ( Full Answer )

Do you separate the suffix Jr with a comma?

noooooooooooooooooo actually, there is a specific comma rule that pertains to this - A comma would be used both before and after the designations of "Jr." or "Sr.," as long as the sentence continues. If the designation is at the end of the sentence, then a comma is used only before it.

Has Paul Teutul Sr and Paul Jr split?

No they havent is all part of TLC's sad attempt at boosting lagging ratings. Nice try.. I disagree, you're just an OCC HATER, you join the ranks of many other OCC HATERS! But that's okay because the true OCC fans way outweigh the haters. As a true fan, allow me to improve this answer.. ( Full Answer )

What is comma?

A comma is a punctuation this is a comma: , Ex.She went to the store,library,home, and over her friend's house.

When the Sr dies is the Jr still Jr?

Since the use of "Jr." and "Sr." is usually to help distinguish between a father and son, both of whom are still living, the son can drop the "Jr." after the father dies, if he likes, or he can keep it. For example, Sammy Davis, Jr., kept the "Junior" for several years after his father died, but eve ( Full Answer )

If SR dies does JR still have to sign as JR or he can drop the JR?

He can keep or drop the JR, as he chooses. Many keep it for a while and drop it later. For example the entertainer, Sammy Davis, Jr., continued to use "JR" for several years after his father died, but was known simply as "Sammy Davis" during the last years of his life.. On the other hand, when spea ( Full Answer )

Do you add a comma before Jr or Sr or III in a name?

No comma is necessary before "Jr.", "Sr.", and the like. Nocomma has ever been necessary before "III", "IV", etc. From theChicago Manual of Style ( . But please note that within text, if you decide to use themore traditional comma before Jr. or Sr., the function of the commais ( Full Answer )

Do you use Jr and III after names if Sr is dead?

Some people continue to use Jr after Sr has died, others do not.. Numbering is a completely separate system and does not change when an earlier number dies.. John James I is usually the father of John James II but could be an uncle or other older relative. At some point John James II could be John ( Full Answer )

What is Jr or Sr?

Jr is Junior and Sr is Senior. They are often added to names when a father(Sr) and son(Jr) share the same name. They are also used when two people with the same name are not father and son. For example a grandfather and grandson or an uncle and nephew might have the same name and be in the same com ( Full Answer )

Who is Jr or sr?

When there are two people of the same name, adding "Jr.", for "Junior", after the name identifies the younger of the two. Adding "Sr," for "Senior," after the name identifies the older of the two.. So, if John Jones has a nephew named John Jones, the older may be titled, Senior and the younger, Jun ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of a signed baseball by barry bond sr and jr?

Barry Bond Sr. Jr, Dual Signed Baseball . The value of multi signed baseballs cannot be priced by the value of each signature added up. Multi signed baseballs are valued as a group of signatures, and how desired that group is as a whole. This does not necessarily mean that two signatures will sel ( Full Answer )

Can a woman be a Sr or Jr?

A woman who has the same name as a female parent or child is not usually called a Sr. or Jr. but it is occasionally done. Perhaps the most prominent example is the daughter of Warren Buffet, who has the same name as her mother and is sometimes called "Suzie Jr."

Should you put a comma before a Jr or Sr?

Yes, the Jr and Sr are descriptors that are not part of the name, so would normally be used with a comma, as:. Andrew, Jr.. or. Andrew, Sr.

Is there a comma after and?

No, don't use a comma after "and" in a series. There are two acceptable comma styles for series. One includes a comma before the final "and" (red, yellow, and blue). The other does not include the final comma (red, yellow and blue).

Do women use Sr Jr and III?

Women can and do use Sr and Jr, but not as often as men do, because it is less common in the cultures where English is spoken to name a girl child precisely after her mother, and because women (until recently) have expected to change their surnames upon reaching adulthood and marrying. Numbering id ( Full Answer )

If Sr dies who is Jr and the III?

You count people with the identical name in the same family or area. So you have John I, John II, John III, John IV, etc. Those numbers never change, even when one dies., and the sequence can go from uncle to nephew, depending on who is given the "family name". Junior and Senior are given to two pe ( Full Answer )

What happened between Paul sr and Paul jr on occ?

I searched around online and this is an article I found. (BELOW) It doesn't explain everything, but it pretty much tells you that one of their blow ups went WAY to far, and now there's no coming back from it. What a shame... FAMILY should far outweigh all these material things they're fighting about ( Full Answer )

Does a Jr. become a Sr. when Sr. passes away?

No. Jim Jones, Jr., can stop using the "Jr.," if he wants, once Jim Jones, Sr., dies. He only becomes "Sr" if he has a son whom he names Jim Jones and who in turn uses the "Jr." suffix.

How do you use the suffix I II III Jr Sr?

First, middle, and last name must be the same. Michael John Smith has a son he names Michael John Smith. The son can be Michael John Smith, Jr., or Michael John Smith II. Regardless if he is called Jr. or II, if his son is also Michael John Smith, he will be III. If Michael John Smith II has a s ( Full Answer )

As a matter of law does Jr continue after Sr dies?

The law does not address whether someone called Junior must continue to do so after the one called Senior dies. This is a matter of custom. As a matter of custom, it is widely accepted that continuing or not is up to the person who had been called Junior and who has not outlived his father or uncle ( Full Answer )

Has Paul Sr and Paul jr made up?

the Discovery Channel show is focusing on rebuilding this season, going from "Senior vs. Junior" back to just "American Chopper," not combining the two businesses, but healing the rift in the personal relationship of the Teutuls. So far, it seems that the pair is on the right track. Paul Sr. and Pau ( Full Answer )

Do you use the suffix of jr or sr for the widow of a deceased person?

The Jr or Sr suffix is applied only to a living person. If Jason Genesee, Sr, is living and Jason Genesee, Jr, marries, his wife may be called Mrs. Jason Genesee, Jr., if she or their community is very conservative about such matters. (Most married women would be called Mrs Caroline Genesee these da ( Full Answer )

How do you write Jr or Sr?

Normally you write it like this Junior : Example : Frank W. Shaft Jr. For Senior it is the same way: Frank W. Shaft Sr.

Why did Paul Teutul Sr fire Paul Teutul Jr?

Paul Teutul Senior and Paul Teutul Junior are both artistic peoplewith artistic differences. They have since ended their quarrel andsometimes work together on projects.

What does paul sr and paul jr get paid per episode of American chopper?

Alot like 55k Per. Episode even moré if he blows the producer like 20k for everything nut Well that sounds like information that came from someone in the know. Probably early 20's and burned out from the high paying job at McDonalds Early 20's? that's giving alot of credit. My guess, lives ( Full Answer )

Can Jr change to II when Sr dies?

Using Jr. and Sr. is a separate system from describing people as the First, the Second, the Third, etc. If Joe Sr. dies, Joe Jr. can become Joe Sr. This would only be useful if Joe Jr. has a son named Joe so that there are three or more generations with the identical name. Sammy Davis, Jr., for exa ( Full Answer )

Who were Benjamin O Davis Sr and Jr?

Davis Sr. was promoted to Brigadier General on 25 October 1940, becoming the first African-American general officer in the United States Army. He died in 1970. Davis Jr, his son, was the first African -American general officer in the United States Air Force. Davis Jr. was an Army Air Corps ace who ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between Jr and Sr?

When a parent and a child have the same first, middle, and last names, the older is called Sr. or senior while the younger is Jr. or junior. The senior is sometimes also called the first. In some families, a name will be passed down for several generations, so the grandchild would be the 3rd, etc.

Is Paul teutul sr and Paul jr back together?

Yes! Paul Jr. broke some conditions of the lawsuit settlement with his father. So it turn instead of owing an undisclosed amount of money that would've been left PJD in financial ruin, he conveniently reconciled with his father and PJD was absorbed by OC Choppers with Jr. Signing on as Jr.VP.

Is there a comma after but?

no. if but before is a sentence on its on and after but is a sentence on its own then put a comma before but.

How many us presidents were sr and jr?

Juniors who were President Several presidents were "juniors", including the current President Obama. Others were Jimmy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt, James Buchanan, John Tyler and James Madison. Andrew Jackson's father, also Andrew Jackson, died before he was born, so he never really was a junio ( Full Answer )

Does the order go Sr Jr 1st 2nd or is Sr considered 1st and Jr considered 2nd?

The system of referring to people who have the same name as Junior and Senior is completely separate from the system of numbering them as first, second, third, etc. The two systems cannot be used together. If a grandfather, son, and grandson are all named Joseph, then Grandfather is Joe the First ( Full Answer )

Is Artemis Fowl a Jr or a Sr?

The main character in the series is Artemis Fowl Jr., and his father (obviously) is Artemis Fowl Sr.