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Is there a difference between red and green coolant or antifreeze?


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There has been a very lively discussion going on about "Red" or Dexcool


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The main difference between red and green coolant is the additives. The red has extra anti rust inhibitors useful in certain engines.

radiator antifreeze coolant.

It uses R134a refrigerant and green antifreeze.It uses R134a refrigerant and green antifreeze.

The green color antifreeze will be just fine.

It originally came with green coolant. It is critical that you know what kind of antifreeze your car takes. There are 2 general kinds. Long life and traditional Green coolant. The sensors base data on the correct chemical composition of the one that was originally installed in it. Therefore adding wrong one may cause the ecm to adjust the fuel mixture incorrectly or cause sensor damage. Some vehicles require different long life coolants- GM has Dex-cool, Ford just came out with another, Honda has their own. If the concentration is too great or too weak, it will not work correct. The original coolant in that car was "green coolant". This old style antifreeze should never be mixed with the newer long life coolant, unless it is a "universal" or "global" coolant that is supposedly compatible with both. The coolant capacity is in your owners manual, usually in the "servicing your vehicle" section. And as for the color. Read the temp ratings on the antifreeze bottles, and use whichever you need according to your climate. Be sure to keep in mind the difference between pure antifreeze, and prediluted (50/50 or half water, half antifreeze).

It uses regular old green antifreeze.

A 1995 Dodge Neon uses green antifreeze.

You can but then the mixture will turn into gel and your entire coolant system will be ruined. If you continue driving your engine will overheat and your car, destroyed.

it is not reccomended to mix orange coolant with green. it will harm cooling system. only use dex-cool or the correct brand. call dealership to see if universal coolant is ok!!

extended life "red coolant' Tell the people at the parts store and they will get you the oem coolant (do not mix red and green)

The coolant in a 1998 model has dex cool antifreeze. It is red in color and not green. It is suppose to be good for 5 years or 150000 miles.

It uses green antifreeze.It uses green antifreeze.

Ford sells green colored antifreeze also , I don't believe you should mix the 2 colors

Pentosin - Coolant/Antifreeze Part # PF-NF-1.5L (Blue/Green type) Answer this question...

Antifreeze is typically green, but the newer stuff is "gold". If you're getting red liquid leaking from the radiator it's probably the transmission coolant line.

It depends on which antifreeze/coolant you used. The prestone brand claims it can be mixed with any other brand. Read the bottle to see if it has the same claim

If it is green then any ethylene glycol or universal coolant will work if it is red/pink/orange then use a universal coolant, the mopar HOAT coolant or Zerex G-05 coolant.

You want to use Green coolant, with a 50/50 mix.

The green color universal antifreeze mixed 50 / 50 with preferably distilled water ( in colder climates do not exceed 60 % antifreeze )

Any 50/50 mixture of regular green antifreeze.

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All BMWs use a ethylene glycol based coolant, anything compatible with the green coolant will suffice, however BMW o.e coolant is blue, but still glycol based none the less.

The difference between the green and blue kyanite is their colors.

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