Is there a difference from bulls on a farm and the bulls in a bullfight?

Fighting bulls are raised for one thing and one thing only and that is to die in the bullring. They are not domestic cattle but descendants of the ancient wild cattle that use to roam much of southern Europe. To compare a fighting bull to a domestic bull would be the same as comparing a wolf to a domestic dog. They look similar but that is where the similarities end. The fighting bull is a wild animal. They are raised on ranches that usually raise only fighting bulls and are kept in special areas where they never encounter a man on foot. The first time they usually meet a man on foot is in the bullring. However, they may undergo a brief test at the ranch to determine if they have the bravery to be raised as a fighting bull or are marked to be castrated and raised for beef.

Well, yes and no. Yes because the bulls used in Spanish bull fighting have been bred to fight to the death. No because these bulls, just like all other "normal" bulls on a farm or ranch, are used to breed cows.