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Definetly less expensive to build on a slab, but you also don't get the added sq footage of the basement.

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Q: Is there a difference in building cost per square foot if you build on an at ground slab rather than basement foundation?
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Building Foundation and sub-structure what is it?

building foundation is the base of any building which receive load from the building, resist it and transfer it to the subsoil. substructure is the structure below the ground floor bed including the ground floor bed. substructure composes of foundation, basement and ground floor bed.

What is cheaper foundation or slab?

It all depends on the ground conditions and the load of the building. The is also a little confusion around your terminology as the term 'foundation slab' is legitimate. Maybe you are referring to strip foundation versus raft foundation. There are also basement foundations which will help stiffen the construction of a building and anchor it into the ground.

What is the different between basement and semi basement?

One or more floor of a building that are completely below the ground floor is basement. A floor of a building that is half below ground, rather than entirely such as a basement is semi basement.

Why is a basement called a basement?

A basement is a substructure or foundation of a building, or, the word can also refer to the lowest story of a building, usually below ground level. Breaking the word down into the two parts of "base" and "-ment" explains why the word is used to describe those things. "Base" refers to the Lowest or bottom part of something and "-ment" as a suffix in this context means result, object, or agent of an action. So a basement is the resulting object of building the foundation or base of the home or structure.

What is foundation in civil engineering?

Foundation is the sub-structure of a building structure that transfers the entire weight of the building and its loads onto the ground strata below ground level.

How much of a house foundation should be dug out of the ground?

under the entire house unless there is a basement....

Where is the basement in a 100-story building located?

Any levels of the building below ground level are normally considered basement. In larger buildings they are sometimes referred to as sub-levels.

Is a cellar above or below?

A cellar (or basement) is below the ground level of a house or building.

What is the importance of a foundation when a tower or tall building such as a skyscrapper is being constructed?

a foundation is a huge hole in the ground where a building goes into and if it didnt have any foundations it would either collapse or sink into the ground

Where do you install a sump pump?

In a basement usually to remove ground water that seeps in around foundation walls and floor.

Why building foundation have a large horizontal area of contact with the ground?

this is because when the area of contact between the ground and the building increases the pressure exerted by the building will be less for the same force.

What do you call the support of a building that is usually constructed below ground level?

The support of a building that's usually constructed below ground level is called a basement. Sometimes it is also the "Base" contruction of a building.

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