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Q: Is there a disease that you can get th at will stop your legs from growing?
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Euthanasia is usually an option for terminal disease or debilitating and painful disease for which there is no cure

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An important congenital muscular disease that results in th degeneration of the skeletal muscles by young adulthood?

congenital muscle disease

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Th eviability of a seed has to do with the probability of it germinating and growing into an adult plant.

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So that the cells had to go to each part if th body and if the stop growing the cells are still going to divide because the body gets larger and the hieght stops Edited answer: To replace the dead cells and also to repair the organism from injuries

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TH free means that the cattle are free of the genetic condition tibial hemimelia, which is a fatal disease. The condition can be detected as early as when a fetus is 90 days old.

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