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NO Fiberglass salt water pools are a great system regardless of where you use them.

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Q: Is there a downside to having a fiberglass salt water pool in the Sarasota Florida area?
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Hmmm, was the pool painted before? Why would yo want to paint a fiberglass pool? Are the fiberglass showing or coming off? Do a complete job by having a new fiberglass finish reapplied if the glass has deteriorated. Paint- yuk.

Will gunite concrete vinyl or fiberglass last longer for an indoor inground pool?

Although the maintenance and cost of construction is higher than of fiberglass, it will hold up probably years longer than fiberglass. Especially if you will be having kids around- they can be tough on things, and fiberglass can get expensive if you end up with enough scratches, etc.

Which swimming pools are better Fiberglass swimming pools or cement swimming pools?

Fiberglass pools are less susceptible to having problems with the finish if your water chemistry is off. They do tend to have some problems with warping that you won't have with a cement pool. The fiberglass liner is usually cheaper also.

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What are the pros and cons between a fiberglass and gunite pool?

I am researching the same question and this is what I have found so far: having a "freeze line" is not a good condition for fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools are cheaper to install and use less chemicals to maintain. I was told the chemicals also do less damage to fiberglass, if any?, than to gunite pools. Fiberglass pools must be filled at all times to avoid "popping up". The only thing that still has me leaning towards gunite is a custom pool shape we have in mind. Hope this helps. I am also trying to decide between fibergalss and gunite. I have been told (by a gunite dealer) that there is a problem with staining in fiberglass pools. Besides a low water level, what else might cause a fiberglass pool to pop up?

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You can if you use a tile glue suitable to the fibreglass. Read the instructions on your adhesive carefully, many will stick to fibreglass,but some won't.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of gunite pools vs fiberglass pools in the Northeast?

Advantages of fiberglass versus gunite(concrete) There are many things such as lifetime structure warranty, very low maintenance, cheaper heating costs, and they can be moved. Disadvantages would be depth, size, and finish colors even though there are many colors available for fiberglass pools. Viking Fiberglass pools are the most expensive but you know the saying you get what you pay for. In the northeast you have more of a chance of having a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground. I have always perfered gunite over any other finish (even vinyl) I think the look is lush but again you do get what you pay for. Which is why gunite is more expensive.

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