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Is there a fast track for a nurse practitioner to become a doctor?

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The only way to become a doctor is to go through medical school. A medical school will not let you transfer any credits from any other program into their school. They want understand that they have taught you how to be a doctor by their own rights. This includes taking their classes their way as a part of their specific curriculum. No one can test into a med-schools curriculum. Only credits from another med-school have a chance of transferring, and only then is it a chance, not a guarantee. A med-school has to be tough like that because you are required to meet certain requirements through their class curriculum in order to graduate by a national board standard of accreditation.

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How long to be a nurse practitioner?

Nurse Practitioner RequirementsNurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses (RNs) who have obtained a master's degree in a nurse practitioner specialty. Nurse practitioners perform examinations relevant to their specialty, make assessments and diagnoses, order or perform diagnostic tests, perform minor surgical procedures, provide medical treatment and prescribe medications under the supervision of a licensed doctor. The length of time it takes to become a nurse practitioner depends on whether the candidate has a bachelor's degree or not. Fast-track programs exist for non-nurses who have a bachelor's degree; these programs allow them to complete the requirements for a master's degree as a nurse practitioner in about three years. Nurses with a master's degree in a different nursing discipline can complete a post-graduate certificate program in 2-9 months. New students will require 5-7 years to become nurse practitioners.

Is there a fast track to becoming a nurse?


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What to Consider Before Taking Nurse Training Classes?

Healthcare is one career field that will never disappear. The demand for doctors and nurses is high, and will only increase over time. In order to work as a nurse, an individual must decide on what type of nurse they would like to become and then take the appropriate nurse training classes.Types of NursesThere are several types of nurses in the world. One type is a LPN, which stands for a licensed practical nurse. A licensed practical nurse can work in any medical setting and can conduct any medical task or skill within their realm. A LPN is considered the least educated type of nurse and is used for more hands-on tasks such as starting an IV. The next higher-educated nurse is a registered nurse, or RN. An RN often assumes a managing role on the nurse's team. Registered nurses are often desk nurses who keep track of patient's conditions, medications and also work directly with the physician. In hospitals, a registered nurse is often the one that provide medication to the patient.The highest educated nurse in a medical setting is a CNP, or certified nurse practitioner. A CNP has reached major educational milestones and is now licensed by the state to work as a individual practitioner. Although a certified nurse practitioner is not a doctor, her role is similar. She can operate her own clinic and can prescribe medication. The limits are that she can only treat minor emergencies and non-life threatening conditions. She also cannot prescribe narcotic medication to patients.Training ClassesTo become a nurse, an individual must take a series of classes over several years. These classes are to train the individual in the skills needed to correctly take care of their patients. From learning what medications treat certain conditions to how to properly give those medications to patients, nurses are required to become highly educated in the field of medicine.Nurse training classes are held in colleges and universities. The student must have completed all of the basic classes such as English and math before applying for admittance into nursing school. The average length of training for all nurses is at least four years.

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The are several different levels of nursing that you may want to pursue. the are: CNA Certified Nursing Assistant LPN Licensed Practical Nurse RN Registered Nurse All levels require you to attend a school (accredited) that offers the nursing program that you seek. All states require nurses to be licensed, which involves meeting state-specific requirements and passing. They typically take from 2 to 4 years to complete. Or you can go for the degree plans listed below. You can take a ADN which is a Associates Degree in Nursing, a 2 year program. BSN, which is a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, 4 year program. MSN, which is a Master of Science in Nursing, 6 year program. Many Master of Science in Nursing programs are designed to allow students to specialize in a specific nursing career track, such as adult nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse practitioner or health educator. Check in your area for the various schools that offer a nursing program and choose the best one for your career goals.

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