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Just contact the repo dept. of most major lenders.

2005-01-18 10:01:40
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Q: Is there a financial institution provides people with good credit the chance to take over pymnts on loans that have been defaulted on?
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How to Get a Second Chance Checking Account?

Second chance checking accounts exist for those who have credit problems. Typically, people who seek second chance checking accounts have been listed in databases like ChexSystems (a network where financial institutions report mishandled savings and checking accounts) that make it difficult to open a regular checking account. Luckily, second chance checking accounts give customers a second chance to prove themselves to credit bureaus and financial institutions. Visit the websites offinancialinstitutions. Bank and credit union websites may have information regarding offers for second chance checking accounts. In addition, each financial institution may follow its own rules about opening second chance checking accounts. Some may even allow you to open regular checking accounts with past credit problems if you meet certain criteria. Compare the features of second chance checking accounts. These types of accounts offer many of the same features that regular checking accounts do, including online bill pay, personal checks, check tracking, ATM withdrawals, direct depositsand online banking. However, some financial institutions may offer extra, free and beneficial services aimed at those with past credit problems. Look for second chance checking accounts that offer financial advice and customer service, as these benefits show that the financial institution is interested in helping its customers get back on track. Know what restrictions you're in for. Financial institutions commonly place at least one restriction on their second chance checking accounts. The restriction can range from a bar on personal checks or an ATM card. Make sure the restriction is something you can live with. Take deposits and monthly costs into consideration. Some second chance checking accounts require a substantial deposit before an account is set up. Financial institutions have also been known to charge monthly fees to use the account. If a second chance checking account requires any of these fees, research the terms and conditions of your account for promises of refunds or fee waivers once you have established yourself as a good customer. Decide on a financial institution to start a second chance checking account with. Sign up for a second chance checking account using the financial institution's website.

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What financial institutes offer the Second Chance Checking Accounts?

Most of the major financial institutions offer the Second Chance Checking Account. Some examples include Scotiabank, Wells Fargo, and Central National Bank.

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Simple, have a great credit score! While all lenders differ slightly in what they consider a top-tier credit score, typically, if you have a score over 760 and stable household income, you have a better chance of getting approved for the advertised rate that a financial institution offeres.Type your answer here...

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What should you do if you have defaulted on a car loan because another person was responsible for the payments and you are taken to court but you want to keep the car?

Propose to remove the co-signor and agree to bging the account current and keep it so. No quarantee but a good chance.

Can a loan company repo car at 12am on a Saturday?

Legally, once you have defaulted they have the power to take your car at any time...even after dark. Many cars are repossessed at night as the repo men can expect less chance of confrontation when you are sleeping.

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What factors do you base on or consider designing a proper credit policy for a financial institution?

The factors that one should consider in designing a proper credit policy for a financial institution are character, capacity, capital, collateral and conditions. The first factor is character, which refers to a borrower's reputation. Capacity measures a borrower's ability to repay a loan by comparing income against recurring debts. The lender will consider any capital the borrower puts toward a potential investment, because a large contribution by the borrower will lessen the chance of default. Collateral, such as property or large assets, helps to secure the loan. Finally, the conditions of the loan, such as the interest rate and amount of principal, will influence the lender's desire to finance the borrower.

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Is woodforest bank a good bank?

Woodforest bank is a banking institution for the financially screwed up. Those who have screwed up their credit or check cashing privilege end up here. It offers "second chance" checking accounts for people who get rejected by the 'chexsystem". So, is it good? I guess if one cannot keeps one's personal finances straight; is always living on the financial edge (through funds mismanagement) I guess it is.

How do you write a reinstatement letter to a credit card?

Begin with Dear ____:Be professional in your letter.Take responsibility for your past last payments or debts.Explain how your financial situation has changed, or how your financial habits have changed, and why they should give you a second chance as a responsible borrower.Sign off with Sincerely, _______.