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In general, no. You should write your own motion.

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Q: Is there a form for filing a motion to amend a judgment?
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Can you move for dismissal at the same time you move to oppose a motion for summary judgment?

Yes--in the form of a cross motion for summary judgment.

Is there a form to file a Motion to Amend a discharged no-assets Chapter 7 and add previously unknown creditors of debt incurred before filing?

No, there is not an option for reopening a discharged BK to add creditors, such action only applies to assets or income that was not included in the original filing.

What is required to sell a small claims judgment?

If you have a valid small claims judgment that is wholly or partially unsatisfied, you may assign the judgment to a third party by filing an Assignment of Judgment form with the clerk of the court. Contact the court for a copy of this form.

What is the verb form of Amendment?

The verb of amendment is amend. As in "to amend something".

Where can I find more information about an amended tax return?

If you discover an error after your return has been filed, you may need to amend your return. The IRS may correct errors in math on a return and may accept returns with certain forms or schedules left out. In these instances, do not amend your return! However, do file an amended return if there is a change in your filing status, income, deductions, or credits. Also, if the Form 8938 (PDF), Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets, applies to you, see Filing Form 8938 after filing 2011 or 2012 annual returns in the Form 8938 Instructions.

What form is required in Washington state to remove judgment liens on property when filing Chapter 7?

I don't know anything about Washington State in particular, but the Bankruptcy Code says that a judgment lien is avoided by the filing of a Motion to Avoid Judgment Lien pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 522(f). Certain criteria must be met before the Motion to Avoid Judgment Lien can prevail, such as the lien has to impair an exempton of the debtor. Here is a link to a website that shows the form as we use it in Indiana, though the Court in Washington State may have their own form they prefer: Go to Sample Form 3 on this link and it takes you to the Indiana version, which may be acceptable in any State (I don't know). Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person.

What does motion to satisfy mean in a court paper?

It appears that the plaintiff is entering a motion that the judge grant satisfaction to them - whatever form the 'satisfaction' took.A satisfaction of judgment is a recorded entry made by a party in whose favor a judgment was rendered, declaring that he has been satisfied and paid.

how can i get the short form for my state?

how can i get the short form for filing my state

When someone moves for a Summary judgment against you what is your recourse?

Recourse? What do you mean by "recourse"? Do you mean what are your options?One option is to do nothing and get a summary judgment against you by default. Not a wise move unless you have no defense to a motion for summary judgment and the moving party does not seek extreme measure from you.You should file a motion in opposition to the motion for summary judgment, putting forth the facts and the law as to why the moving party is not entitled to the granting of a motion for summary judgment.A motion for summary judgment is required to clearly show that given the undisputed facts in the case (facts you have admitted to as being true), the petitioner is entitled to a certain remedy in the form of judgment as a matter of law.So, dispute the facts necessary for them to get summary judgment and dispute the application of the law that they reference as most applicable and appropriate in your case. If you successfully dispute the facts required to get summary judgment and/or you dispute the application of the law that they reference, then their motion for summary judgment will likely fail.AnswerFortunately for you, all reasonable inferences the court must make will be decided in favor of the non-moving party (you). Keep in mind that summary judgment cannot be obtained or defeated by speculation or conjecture alone; there must be specific, concrete facts that establish the claim. If you believe that you are entitled to summary judgment, you may file a cross motion for summary judgment, which details why you are entitled to a summary judgment against the other party. In that case, you will be held to the same standard of proof as the person who is requesting summary judgment against you.

What is the filing fee by Wisconsin Attorney General for Form 990pf?

Filing fee to the state of Wisconsin for private foundations is $54, the federal form does not have a filing fee. The form must be filed no later than July 31st.

Where you can file tax for corporation?

At the appropriate IRS center for the form you are filing, for the location it is coming from. All available on the instructions for the form you are filing.

What form do you file when filing for the state income tax return?

When you are filing for the state income tax return, you will fill form 1040.

What tax form do you need if married filing separately with claiming dependents?

You can use a 1040 or a 1040A if you are filing Married Filing Separately.

How do you incorporate a nidhi company?

By filing form 2 and form 63.

what form do I use for file state income tax for single ?

what short form do I use for filing state income tax for filing single

Can you claim deduction after filing the income tax return?

Yes, by filing a Form amended return. A really pretty easy form to complete.

over 70years old non itimized filing which form do i need?

over 70 years old non itimized filing which form do i use?

How do you amend your tax return?

You file a Form 1040- X....fairly simple one at that.

What is the verb form of word judgment?


What is the plural of judgment?

Judgments is the plural form.

How can you get a judgment of divorce form?

Why are you divorcing anyway

When was Form Activity Motion created?

Form Activity Motion was created on 2008-11-11.

When a judgment has been levied can you then file a motion to compel documents in Florida?

At the time of judgment, the prevailing party should have requested that the judgment/order include a court order to fill out form 1.977 (fact information sheet about losing party's financials)..but since the judgment is already ordered, you now have to request the court to order the losing party to fill out the form, (usually can do this in the form of a motion/petition)...or you can move to compell discovery in regards to the loser's financials... and then after this discovery is completed, you can move to for a 1) writ of garnishment, 2) or order execution (compelled payment)...please consult Fla. Civ Pro Rules 1.550, 1.560, and 1.570 ..... Or u can simply ask for the money! haha

What do I do if I received another 1099 form after I've already filed my taxes?

File a form 1040-X and amend your original. A very easy form

In What form of motion is the hot air balloon?

It is periodic motion