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Is there a freeloader for the PS2?

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No there is no Freeloader for the Play Station 2. However there is a disk called the Swap Magic That produces the same results, giving it the ability to play Imports, and boot files from a hard disk to name some.

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Can you play Japan playstation2 games on a US playstation2?

Nope. Not by itself. You can buy ActionReplayMAX adn choose the FreeLoader option which will let you play foreign games on your US PS2.

Why Wii freeloader doesn't work?

a freeloader will work on Wii unless the Wii is updated pass 3.2

Freeloader won't work with 3.3e or above but mines on 3.4e so can i get it back to 3.2e please help i really want to use freeloader?

then u need to use homebrew but its blocked to. and will there come a new freeloader that works for 3.3E and higer?

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UK wii but you are relocating to the US Will your Wii work there a with games you already own UK b with games you purchase in the US?

US games don't work with UK Wii consoles. Unless you use Freeloader then it's impossible. And if you do use Freeloader then you won't be able to update your Wii or it will stop working (The Freeloader). Hope this helped, and have a good life in the US :D

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You can get one at, and when there back in stock at

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Can I play NTSC Baten Kaitos Origins on my PAL GC using Freeloader 1.06b?

NTSC Baten Kaitos: Origins can be played with Freeloader 1.06b on the PAL GC. It can work for the US version, the JPN version, the Multi Version, and the PAL version.

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