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Coflotyphlosion: Yes there is a fuse, it is located on the side by the drivers door in a little panel box on the side of your dash (with the door open you can access it). The fuse is a 25 and it should tell you with the panel's diagram which one it is. It is the last fuse on the bottom row (far right). To solve my wiper problems, i turn off the wipers and during their "down" cycle, i remove the fuse. I wait about 15 seconds and then place it back in, then my wipers go back to where they should in resting position.

Joel bI'm not sure What the problem with your wipers is but here is some information you will need in the near future when your wipers will start sticking in the up position. I'm sure there is a fuse and if so it will be labled on your fuse box cover which is located by your battery or just under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. I don't own a sunfire so I can't check for myself right now hope this stuff helps. "joe w's" response seems most useful.Ozzy96Greetings. My wife owns a 1996 Cavalier and yesterday she tells me the wipers quit working. So I go out in the freezing cold to check it out. I find that the wipers work quite fine in every speed (hi low delay) however when you turn them off that is when the problem occurs. You see, when you shut them off instead of going to their normal off position the wipers go all the way up and stop there :banghead: . I was wondering (and hoping) that someone here has the solution to this problem.Thanks,John :evillol:When My 97 did that, Chevy had to replace the "transmission" (they called it ) for the wipers. I had hoped that it could be reset or something, but no go. Cost about 200.00. Now that's only what happened to me. Maybe someone else might have a better reply. Good LuckrickszaOK here's the answer: Either the small arm on the wiper crank is broken (lost spring tension) or the frame that the wiper motor bolts onto, the tab is bent, broken or worn down. This is a common problem at the dealership.gudawgJoe WIf that don't work try this procedure:remove wiper motor (3-10mm bolts)remove wiper arms(pry's off with large flat screwdriver)flip over motor-check gold rotating piece held in by T-30 torxif this spins freely you will need to replace it.(about $40)remove T-30 torx and gold rotating pieceturn on ignition-do not startlet wipers run one delay cycle-then shut off ignitionnote:wiper motor has notched section that looks like a Vreplace gold rotating part-this has one nipple that HAS to bewithin 3-5mm from V notchtighten T-30torx very tight or it will have to be re-donere-install arms and motor

same problem ... index pin on motor shears after time\use etc replace by mechanic 62.00

erikbertoI am having the exact same issue. Anyone know how to fix this?Joe WThere is an adjustment for this on the motor for the park position of the wipers.erikbertoThis adjustment is right on the wiper motor itself? So I assume I would need to take the motor out to get to this adjustment setting?STYLEZ24why would the adjustment change though... that's the question... Im sure there is a reason/fixerikbertoit should not have changed...but it did. The car has 191000 miles on it....

I just want the wipers to park so they do not sit right in the middle of my wind shield.perna00since you said it was freezing cold, they could have been stuck to the windshield and didn't actually catch when the motors were turning until it already had made half a turn. you can turn off your wipers completely, take off the wiper arms, and position them exactly where you want them when you turn them off. if the spindle is stripped where the bottom of the arms mount on, you can use electrical tape (or any other spacer material) to wrap around the spindle for a fix. if you do that and it still returns to the top, there is a metal sliding plate that makes the wipers go back to there original spot after you turn them off that sometimes(rarely) wears down and needs replacedcafegI'm also having the exact same problem described above..Sometimes the park properly then all of a sudden the park straight up and down for a while - weird !!

Just reading above and what ended up working for everyone ?I don't want to move the wipers on the spindle as they work fine when going just don't park properly :-(

Steve.firebalz72my 96 does the same thing but changing the park position wouldn't that change where the stop when there on my wipers are only sticking up when there off when there on they stop at the normal postiondavydawgfire i have the very same problemshadowman63same problem but when I have delay on, they work just fine, but when I turn them off the wipers stay straight uppapi62596I have the same problem. It happened after a big snow storm and my wife went out to warm the car up. She said that they just stopped in the middle of the windshield and would not go down. They seem to work fine until I try to stop them.afcop7111Greetings. My wife owns a 1996 Cavalier and yesterday she tells me the wipers quit working. So I go out in the freezing cold to check it out. I find that the wipers work quite fine in every speed (hi low delay) however when you turn them off that is when the problem occurs. You see, when you shut them off instead of going to their normal off position the wipers go all the way up and stop there :banghead: . I was wondering (and hoping) that someone here has the solution to this problem.Thanks,John :evillol:!

Joel B again

This one seems to work well enjoy

djwright4341My former problem (seen a few times on other posts): Wiper won't park. They work fine otherwise; high, low, and delay all work as they should. However, when switch is turned off, the wipers return to the up position, go down about 2 inches and stop. Very distracting while driving.

The fix: I removed the whole wiper mechanism--motor, motor bracket and all. Remove the motor and set it aside. The part that caught my attention was a little tab on the bracket and a little catch that is obviously supposed to catch that bracket. The catch apparently had a spring or something on it to push it out, but it didn't. I fashioned a spring to hold the catch out and reassembled the whole thing. If you want to check it before going through the whole process (or after the fix), turn the wipers on low and listen at the bottom of the windshield. After putting my "new" spring on, I can hear a faint click when the wipers reach the bottom of the cycle. That's the catch running over the tab. Now when the switch is turned off, the wiper motor apparently runs backward to open a contact on the circuit board inside the motor housing and the catch catches on the tab as it should and parks the wipers. Before my fix, the wiper motor ran backward to open the contact, but the wipers continued to go with it until the up position.

Thanks to everyone else's posts that gave me ideas on what to check.djwright4341I had to rig a spring to work. I found a little black clip laying at the bottom of the space where the motor fits, but never could figure out where it went. I should have taken pictures but didn't think about it till I put it all back together. Just fix a spring that will hold the little catch out. It doesn't need to be too strong (mine is and I can hear it clicking over the tab in a strong rain, inside the car with the radio on) just enough to hold the catch out so it will catch on the tab. Good luck.

I just fixed one myself

It may be helpful to remove the hood

Remove wipers-- use a puller, prying will crack the plastic piece

Remove plastic grill

Remove the three torex screws from wiper motor case

Once case is off there will be two short pieces of metal (Approx 10mm {3/8"}long) parallel to each other.

If you look under them you will see that each has a set of contacts in their mid section.

When the motor spins the moulded plastic piece is supposed to open and close these contacts. Once the switch in the cab is turned off the motor cycles once backwards to open the LOWER (most forward) contact.

GENTLY Bend the Lower contact DOWN and then test your wipers.

This fix seems to be working so far. I don't know how perminant it is since it's only been a couple of weeks since the repair.

The metal Piece Apparently gets worn out when the wipers are used without cleaning snow off the windshield or if you turn your car off with the wipers in mid cycle, then turning them on when the windshield is dry.

Anyway good luck with your repaire

Joel B Eh!

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Q: Is there a fuse for the windshield wipers in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire 4 cylinder if so which one?
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