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I'm having a very similar problem on my '96 Camry. Everything worked fine on Sat. ; I cranked up Monday, and all of a sudden had no power windows or locks. According to the owners manual, the fuse is a 30 Amp Type "C". Parts houses like Auto Zone carry around 20 misc. fuses for the 96, but unfortunately, not that particular one, so tomorrow morning, Im off to the dreaded dealer.

According to the owners guide, that fuse is located behind the coin holder on the lower left instrument panel on the driver's side, and, at least in print, looks easily accessible. however, you have to remove the lower instrument panel as well to access this fuse, which is number "34".

With any luck at all, this problem will be just a blown fuse, due to the original fuse's metal fatigue. a little. I'll report back hopefully tomorrow.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:37:44
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Q: Is there a fuse that controls the door locks and windows on a 1996 Toyota Camry?
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Where are the fuses located for the power windows and power locks on a 1989 Toyota Camry Le?

the library should have a shop manual for this vehicle, you can make copies of the right sections :)

What fuse controls power windows and locks?

The fourth fuse in the interior fuse panel controls the power windows and locks on 2000-2001 Grand Prix. 25 amp silver fuse.

Where is the fuse for the windows located on a Toyota Camry?

The fuse box for the window and locks is behind the coin holder. It's kinda hidden behind the air conditioner tubing. Hope this helps!!!!

What is wrong with 1993 Camry when all power windows and power locks stop working?

Check the fuses.

What are some of the features of the 2006 Toyota Camry?

There are many features of the 2006 Toyota Camry. For example, adjustable seats, tachometer, clock, cruise control, power door locks, tilt adjustable steering wheel.

What would cause the power locks and windows to stop working normally and only work when the car is started on a 97 Toyota Camry LE?

It can be your battery, when it doesn't have enough power the computer will not allow you to use power stuff. It can be also one of the relays which are responsible for stuff like power locks, power windows and so on.

What does sr5 stand for in 2003 Toyota 4Runner?

It's the name for the top-of-the-line interior package that Toyota has. Power windows, locks, etc.

Can you reset the automatic door locks on a 2004 Toyota Camry so it unlocks the doors when the car is put in Park?

change the battery ahole

Where is bcm located on vw passat?

The bcm that controls power windows, locks and doors is located on the driverside floor.

Why wouldn't the power windows and locks work on a 1992 Toyota Carina?

Maybe you should get your car serviced... and is there chewing gum in there?

Can you disable the automatic door locks on a 2002 Toyota Camry?

Answeryes. remove the fuse in the fuseblock under the dash maked "door".There are different configurations for the power locks. The procedure for setting them is in the owners manual. If you don't have a copy you can down load one at:

How do you remove the rear door off a 1998 Toyota Camry that has power windows and locks?

the trim piece that covers the inside of the door pillar must be removed. once removed you will find a electrical connector that will release the wires for the whole door, then unbolt hinges and remove

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