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Is there a fuse to reactivate the beep that used to sound when the lights are left on in a 2000 Accord?

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There is a module that controls it. Check with the dealer and see if he can tell you where it is.

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How do you repair a 2001 Honda Accord when the instrument lights parking lights and tailights all go out?

You could check the fuse box under the hood. More than likely the fuse is blown because all of those items should be on the same circuit. I own a 2000 Honda Accord and received a safety recall from Honda concerning the instrument lights for the 2000 & 2001 Accord LX coupe.

Why is my 2000 accord is making a metallic grinding sound when first driving then it goes away?

If you need more info, its a 2000 Accord coupe ex-l 4 cyl. It just started at about 95k miles.

If a 2000 Honda Accord lost all lights various dashboard warning lights come on and car has difficulty going forward is this an alternator problem?

Yes yes yes. Replace it.

What is the fuel consumption for Honda accord 2000?

I am driving Accord 2000, SE VTEC automatic. It's giving me 300 miles in 50 litres. The petrol warning lights comes on while the needle is still a bar away from the 0 level. What's your situation?

What is the timing degree on a Honda Accord 2000?

I need to find out the timing degrees on a Honda Accord 2000

What are the buttons for near the map lights on a 2000 Honda accord ex coupe?

Buttons to be used as a garage door opener. They must be programmed to your opener.

The alarm on my 2000 Honda accord lx goes off randomly?

If the alarm on a 2000 Honda Accord is randomly making noise there may be a problem with the wire harness. When the brain or siren has a short it will randomly make noise and sound off the alarm system in the car.

What is the howling sound when stepping on the brakes in reverse in a 2000 Honda accord?

If a 2000 Honda Accord is making a howling noise when the brakes are pressed the rotor may be the issue. When a brake rotor becomes warped the wheel will not stop smoothly, and in turn create several different noises.

Is there a drain plug on a 2000 Honda Accord gas tank is there a drain plug on a 2000 Honda Accord gas tank?


What would cause the dash and parking lights not to work on a 1992 Honda Accord?

The license plate light fuse. It's a 10A fuse if I remember correctly. Sounds crazy, but I had no running lights and no lights other than warning lights on my instrument panel and it took me forever to figure it out. Apparently that whole circuit runs off of that one fuse. I have a 2000 Honda Accord, but I would assume it would be the same for a 1992.

Will 2000 Honda Accord brakes and rotors fit on a 2006 Honda Accord?


Will a 1990 accord ex wheels fit a 2000 accord ex?

Yes i had a 2000 accord 4 cyl, with 1995 accord rims on it,,, from 1990 to 2003 will fit as long as its a 4cly,, the v6 all have 5 lug,, but the 1995 accord to 1997 v6 had 4 lug to,,

Is it possible to install vtec engine from 2000 Honda accord to 1996 accord?


Is the 2000 Honda accord equiped with the LATCH latch lower anchors and tethers for children system?

The 2000 Accord does NOT have the LATCH anchors. It does have 3 tethers.

Will a 1996 Honda Accord hood fit a 2000?

No, the 1996 is the 5th generation Accord and the 2000 is the 6th generation. The hoods are not even close to the same.

Will wheels off a mid 2000 accord fit a 1999 Honda accord?

Yes they will fit.

How can you fix the instrument panel light on a 2000 Honda Accord EX?

If your instrument lights have burnt out on your 2000 Honda Accord.... You may have another problem!!! While the dealer fixes this recall, they should replace your burnt out bulbs. 2000 Honda Accord Recall ID from NHTSA: 04V256000 Auto Recall Date: 06/07/2004 Vehicle Component: INTERIOR LIGHTING Estimated Vehicles Affected: 19572 2000 Honda Accord Defect Summary: ON CERTAIN PASSENGER VEHICLES, THE DIMMER CONTROL FOR THE INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHTS COULD FAIL DUE TO HEAT BUILDUP. Defect Consequence: IF THIS OCCURS, THE INSTRUMENT LIGHTS MAY FAIL AND, AT NIGHT, THE DRIVER MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE INSTRUMENT PANEL GAUGES, SUCH AS THE SPEEDOMETER. Remedy: DEALERS WILL REPLACE A MULTIPLEX CONTROL UNIT FOR THE INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHTS. OWNER NOTIFICATION BEGAN JUNE 16, 2004. OWNERS SHOULD CONTACT HONDA AT 1-800-999-1009. Notes: AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO., P36

How do you replace passenger side head light bulbs in a 2000 Honda Accord?

How to replace passenger side head light bulbs in a 2000 Honda Accord?

Is a Bosch 3312 oil filter a proper fit for a 2.3 liter 2000 Honda Accord?

Yes I believe this is the proper filter for a 2.3 liter Honda Accord yr 2000. Yes I believe this is the proper filter for a 2.3 liter Honda Accord yr 2000.

What is the safety rating on a 2000 Honda Accord?

Honda cars are usually good quality, and the 2000 Accord is quite safe. On the Cars website they have a Safety Rates and Crash Test Ratings section which give the 2000 Honda Accord 4 stars and an "acceptable" overall rating.

2000 Honda Accord sensors?

What do you need to know ?

Does a 2000 Honda accord have a timing belt?

yes ..

What is the most popular car 2000?

Honda Accord

Dash lights stay on on 98 Honda accord?

I had a similar situation with my 2000 Accord. The brake, battery, and door lights all came on and stayed on. I did a little research online and then called my dealer's service department to verify. There are two possibilities; the alternator or the battery. I could be as simple as needing to clean your battery terminal posts. I popped my hood and found a lovely shade of blue-green coating my connection. I cleaned it off and the lights went out. I probably need a new battery soon, but my lights went off!

Why does the check engine light come on in your 2000 Accord?

My mom has a 2000 Honda Accord Lx and had the same problem. It ended up being a faulty gas cap.