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Is there a fuse to the horn in a 1992 Chrysler all wheel drive town-country mini van?


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2007-10-19 01:43:31
2007-10-19 01:43:31

I have a 98, but there is a part in the steering column that tends to go out. So much so that there is a lifetime warranty for it's replacement. One of the symptoms is the horn will not work. It can also affect your airbags, and your cruise control and I think it can affect blinkers as well, but I am not sure. Any way it is called a clockspring, and you can call the dealership or probably find out online if your model has this problem as well. The other thing.... I know mine is a later model than yours, but I have a set of fuses under the hood in a little block right next to the drivers side front fender. Its a rectangle box, and you take the top off, and there are fuses that control headlights, horn and other stuff.


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