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There is a chance that you could get pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

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Q: Is there a good chance of being pregnant if you dont use a condom and its your first time?
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Does a girl gets pregnant if she has an intercourse at the first day of her period with a condom?

yes you can get pregnant if you have sex before or at the begining of your period you can get pregnant at anytime. with a condom you have a better chance of protection against pregnancy and diseases but it doesnt mean you wont get pregnant. theres always a chance you can get pregnant with a condom

What are the chances of a fourteen getting another fourteen year old pregnant on first try?

There's a 25-75 chance favoring that you would not get her pregnant. You could use a condom and not get her pregnant, or you don't use a condom and you have a chance at getting her pregnant.

Csn you get pregnant your first time without a condom?

If you reach climax and sperm gets into the girl, there is a chance of pregnancy.

You had a safe sex using condom but unfortunately that broke and last part remain in your vagina you come out after 2 days you took morning after pill within 24 hours is there chance of being pregnant?

in any unprotected sex there is a small chance of being pregnant but you took the pill within the first 24 hours which puts your chance at the pill being 95% effectve the pill works to stop the egg and sprem attaching meaning that even if there was some condom or sprem inside you the pill still is working and reguardless of the condom sprem survives for three days anyway so its the same for everyone...... GOOD LUCK.....

Is there a possibility of being pregnant when taking the first placebo pill in the birth control pack and having sex and the condom slipping off during intercourse?

There's a chance you could be pregnant every time you have sex. The pill and condoms just decrease that chance... And considering the situation you're in, I'd take a pregnancy test...

If on birth control for a week can you get pregnAnt?

yes you can get pregnant you doctor should of told you but the first 4 weeks of being on birth control u should use a condom for intercourse

Could you be pregnant if you used a condom and pulled out?

You really shouldn't be, if you put the condom on before first insertion and it didn't get damaged.

Could you get pregnant on the first day of your period even if he wore a condom?

Yes. Because if the condom broke his sperm goes in side and fertilize the egg so yes you can get pregnant on your first day of your period.

Can a female dog get pregnant on her first day of being in heat?

Yes but it has a better chance halfway through heat

Can a female get pregnant for the first time without a condom?

Yes. All it takes is once.

Can you get pregnant if you dirent use a condom the first 4 min?

only if you last longer

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you are on the first pack of birth control pills?

even tho ur on the pill u still have a chance of getting pregnant. so u should always use a condom unless u intend to have a child

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