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when I did it, I used a razor blade, water, and went real slow.

AnswerMy Honda Accord had window tinting on it and an auto detailing professional told me NOT to use AMMONIA based window cleaner on them. There's a good reason for that. When I became tired of the tinting and it began to chip a bit, I sprayed on a popular ammonia based window cleaner and let it sit for just a few minutes. Not more than five to seven minutes....when the spray evaporated I did it again....I repeated this process three times. After the third spraying just before it completely evaporated I used a wet rag, (with the excess water squeezed out) and wiped the windows. The tinting came off very easily. I did have to use a razor blade in very small areas that I could not get to and rub well. Try it. If the tinting is the cheap do-it-yourself kind then this will work nicely. Sugar44
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Q: Is there a home remedy for removing window tinting?
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