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Is there a hospital in Lagos Nigeria named Victory?


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No, there is no hospital in Lagos, Nigeria that has been named Victory. However, there is one that is called Victoria Island Consultancy & Hospital.

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is there a hospital called grace or amazing grace in lagos nigeria

sure there is. i worked there for a year. it is or was situated on lagos road, ikorodu nepa ikorodu near mr biggs Newgate is one of the most technology-driven hospital in Nigeria. Located at Ikorodu, Lagos.

no but there is one an hour away in Abuja another city in nigeria. Abuja is an hour away BY PLANE from Lagos

there is lagos university teaching hospital idiaraba which is federal government owned and also there is the lagos state unversity teaching hospital ikeja which is state government owned . both of them are are located in lagos , nigeria

Yes, there is a hospital called County Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.The full address is : 43-45 Isheri Road,Aguda Ogba Ikeja, Lagos.P. O . Box, 846, Agege-Lagos.Tel: 01-7397368.It is a very popular private hospital in Ikeja.It was founded in 1976 and owned by Dr. A.B Craig.

No, there is none.Absolutely sure. There is a hospital in Nigeria named 'Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex' but it is in Ile- Ife, Osun State, not in Lagos. It is the teaching hospital for the medical college of Obafemi Awolowo University.

is er een hospital genaamd gateway hospital

Does exist the Holycross Medical Centre in Nigeria somewhere in the area of Lagos or below, and a Doctor named Babatunde Adegoke who works in that Medical Centre? Best Regards, Swissie

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No, it this is a fake hospital. The Nigerian scamsters at work here. Don't fall into this trap. Check these sites for evidence:

Definitely NOT!!! However, there is a scam artist in Nigeria that goes by Kazy Steve and Kazy Steven. aka and other addresses. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO HIM/HER. A TOTAL SCAM ARTIST!

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Most likely no. There are a number of finance scams around involving some illegal companies and/or dishonest individuals. Please, do not enter any personal information or bank details into any emails you may have received and use your common sense. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is. *** No there isn't. I called customer care, only branch in Nigeria is... Barclays Wealth Barclays Group Representative Office (Nigeria) Limited Southgate House Udi Street Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

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