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Is there a international Astrology Foundation?


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March 07, 2012 8:59PM

The People who are the International Foundation use the bait as follows:

They claim to be from another Planet and that they have been watching you from contraception.

You are told to keep the information secret because other's destiny has not been remotely monitored from another Civilization on a farawayworld.

There is an assistant commander named Cindy who has been chosen to contact me because of my unique Vibrational constituency and you may be a superior life form with the enormous power to attain your full potential if you request their empowerment to be rich, happy, and carefree. Commander Z has made the journey from another trans-dimensional plane with the tools to correct your astrological cables and tighten all your loose screws and bolts.

They ask you to submit an application form along with $70.00, to allow them to share all the information you need to attain another astral plane, where all the benefits of your unique superior powers are unleashed.

Their Lawyers asked them to include a legal disclaimer that states that it is an agent for entertainment purposes only. International Astrology is acting as contact agents for the aliens, offering them suitable transmission and landing facilities along with absolute anonymity that will not be violated under any circumstances. You're dealing with alien intelligence of a higher sphere who know that my Mother was not treated the way she should have been. I don't know about you, but I am very entertained right now. If you don't submit the application you will be denied status as a superior earthbound being.