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Check out Fabtech. They have lifts for all sorts of Chevrolets.

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Where can you get a 2 lift kit for a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic lift kit?

go to They should be able to help you out.

You want to put a lift kit on your 1999 Grand Marquis but you cant find any?

will 22 fit on my 1999 grand marquis or do i need to add a lift kit fit the rims

Where can you find a good lift kit for an 85 Suburban?

How much is a 6 inch lift kit for a 1999 Crown Victoria?


What is the biggest tire you can put on a 1991 GMC Suburban without a lift kit?

31x10.50 R15 OR TRY 33X12.50 R15

Can you put a lift kit on a Toyota tercel?

Apparently you can.. I have a JDM Corolla wagon (4x4), and I was told there are lift kits available for them..

How do you lift a truck?

You need to buy a suspension lift kit or a body lift kit... a suspension kit is better and looks nicer

Will 26 inch rims fit a 01 Chevy Suburban without rubbing or lift kit?

yes but you need 30 serious tires

What accessories are available for the Chevrolet Suburban?

The following accessories are available for Chevrolet Suburban: Duty shocks, cargo liners, fuel injector, hypertech max energy programmer, power stop truck and tow brake kit.

Can you put a leveling kit and a lift kit on a truck?


How do you put a lift kit on riding lawnmower?

Well u can put bigger tires on it, or by a lift kit from

How do you lift an ifs truck?

you buy a lift kit and have it installed.

Does a 2002 crown vic need a lift to have 22 inch rims on it?

no it does not need a lift kit i had 22s on a 1999 crown vic they had a 6inch lip and it still didnt rub so no is the answer!

Can you put a lift kit on a cavalier?

Yes, although finding a company which sells a lift kit for that application may be a challenge.

Do you have to put a lift kit on your 2005 monte carlo for 20 rims?

no, they fit right under. no cutting or lift kit...

How do you add r 134A in a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

1st buy the kit that will flush your unit out. then check to make sure that your system has no leaks. then add 134a

How do you raise a Jeep?

with a lift kit.

Will a 4wd 1998 Chevy lift kit on a 2000?

Body lift MAYBE. suspension lift ? NO...

What kind of lift kit do you need to put 26 inch rim on a 2006 magnum?

2" lift kit depending on your tire

Do you need a leveling kit if you bought a 6 fabtech suspension kit or when you put the lift on will it level it out?

Normally a suspension lift kit levels the truck's nose with the rear. It may depend on the type of lift, but that's normally the case.

Is there a donk kit for 2003 impala?

i got my donk car lift kit from, they have kits for impalas too. they can custom make any car lift kit as well

Is it safe to install a toyota lift kit?

Toyota 06-10 4Runner Lift Kit is the most popular and the safest for Toyota trucks and SUVs. This type of Lift Kit also provide a more commanding view of the road. The Toyota Lift Kits should be installed by a professional.

How much does a lift kit?

good question depends on what kind of lift body or suspension and what is the lift going on

Can you install a body lift kit on top of a spacer lift kit?

Of course. Body lifts just lift the body of the vehicle. While spacer lift kits lift your vehicle using the suspension. Body lifts will not improve clearance while spacer lift kits will.

Will 22s fit on 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

yes, also 24's but you have to get some sort of lift or maybe a lift kit. yes, also 24's but you have to get some sort of lift or maybe a lift kit.