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Does a 2002 crown vic need a lift to have 22 inch rims on it?

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βˆ™ 2011-08-18 03:39:26

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no it does not need a lift kit i had 22s on a 1999 crown vic they had a 6inch lip and it still didnt rub so no is the answer!

2011-08-18 03:39:26
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Q: Does a 2002 crown vic need a lift to have 22 inch rims on it?
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Will 24 inch rims fit on 2001 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor without lift kits?

it will need to be lifted

How much lift do you need to fit 33 inch tires on your 2002 wrangler or do you need to lift it at all?

You will need a minimum 3" lift to have 33" tires clear when making tight turns. 31" tires will fit with not modifications.

Would you need a lift kit to put some some 22 inch rims fit on a 02 Chevy Impala?

You will need a lift kit to put 22 inch rims on your 2002 Chevy Impala. The 22 inch rims will not fit in the wheel wells of the automobile.

What size lift do you need for fit 35 inch tires on a wrangler?

4 inch lift

Will 23 inch rims fit on a 93 crown vic without scrubbing?

NO i have a 1992 crown vic with 22's and they rub when i turn. You'll definetly need atleast a 3'' lift or better.

How much lift would you need to fit 22 inch rims on a 98 crown vic?

none if you get the right size tires. You can fit 24's on with rubberbands

How big of a lift do you need to put 28inchrims on a 2003 crown Victoria?

I would suggest a 5 to 6 inch lift and might require you to cut the inside lip of the fender and quarter panels! 28's are like

If i put 33x12.50 on your truck will you need a lift?

I have 33x12.5 on my truck and a three inch body lift

Do you need a steering extension on a 3 inch body lift?

yes should come with lift kit

2002 Chevrolet silverado with 3 inch lift will 35 inch tires rub?

yea, even 33s will rub a little, you'll probably need to go with another 3 inch suspension to be able to ride smoothly and without rubbing.

How many 12 inch helium balloons to lift 5 pounds?

you need to give dimensions (volume), find the lift given by one cubic inch of helium and find out from there.

Can 24 inch rims fit a 1991 caprice?

yes you might need to lift 5 inches. You can get a 5 inch lift for $124(this includes s@h) at

Can you fit 35 inch tires on a 2009 titan?

you will need a lift kit ..

Do you need a lift kit to put 24 inch rims on a cutlass supreme?

yes you do .we are putting a 5inch lift on a cutlass and it has 22s.

What kind of lift kit do you need to put 26 inch rim on a 2006 magnum?

2" lift kit depending on your tire

How wide of a tire can be used on a 2005 jeep wrangler with 4 inch lift?

Width depends on the wheel offset, not the lift height, the lift will allow for about a 33 inch tire, but to get width you will need a different offset and width of wheel as well.

Will 24's fit on 78 Monte Carlo with 5 inch lift kit?

yes, but for a full u-turn without cutting or rubbing you will need a 13 inch lift

Will 32 inch tires fit on a 1998 Chevy silverado with 15 inch rims?

If it's a 4 wheel drive, you will need to crank the torsion bars to get them to fit the front. If it is a 2 wheel drive, you will need a lift kit. A 3" body lift or a 4" suspension lift should do the trick.

Do you need to change anything when putting a 2 inch suspension lift on a jeep Wrangler?

A 2 inch suspension lift is minimal. You should be able to install the kit without changing and stock parts.

What size lift kit do you need on a stock 94 jeep to fit 33 tires?

A few variables come into play (wheel width, wheel offset, tire width), but the general rule for the Wrangler YJ is... 1 inch of lift to fit 31-inch tires 2 inches of lift to fit 32-inch tires 3 inches of lift to fit 33-inch tires

Will 24 inch rims fit on a 95 caprice?

yes but you will need a lift kit to do it correctly

How many inches do your car need to b lift to fit 24 inch rims?


Can you fit 24 on a Buick century?

Yea u just need to put a 3-5 inch lift I put 5 so no rubbin but u just need that lift.

Do you need to extend wiring for a 2 to 3 inch lift on your 02 dodge 1500?

you shoul only need to extend you body to frame grounds. but generally that is only with a big lift

How do you fix 2002 crown Victoria air suspension problems?

check out they have what you need.