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i worked at a Saturn dealership for a year in the parts dept and the only way to close the sunroof manually is to use the gear the motor drives. i can't remember but some or the sunroofs were direct drive som using the gear may not be an option.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:51:01
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Q: Is there a manual closer on the sunroof mine is stuck open?
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How do you realign a 99 cavalier z-24 stock sunroof it is stuck about 10 open?

my sunroof on my 2001 Z24 was also stuck. I took apart the screw drive and fixed it. Its a bit of work, but worth it! If you need instructions, I went to GM before and got estimate for a lot of money. in my 2000 cavalier the sunroof got stuck too. pull at the rubber lining around the inside of the sunroof (the one that seems like its just for looks) near the control button. then pull down on the inner roof cover and you'll see the back of the control button. there is an electrical connection there. see if it has come apart, which i was told it commonly does. mine was and i just clipped it back together and it worked perfectly.

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I have a 2000 Cougar V6, and my sunroof broke at approx. 35K miles and again at approx. 100K miles. On mine, it was the track itself that broke. The 99 and 00 Cougars are known to have sunroof problems. Check out Hey i have a 2000 cougar and did some research on it. It seems that 2000 cougars have problems with there sunroof motors. mine also wasnt working i took out the motor and cleaned the scrubbers. works fine since. also will save you about $2000.00 having it replaced by dealer. HEY MAN I HAVE A 2000 COUGAR MYSELF AND I LOOKED ON MY MANUEL AND NOTHING TO THE SUNROOF. For future reference, you can download a pdf owner's manual from Ford here:

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