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It is to your best interest to communicate to your spouse where you want to travel in California or where you want to live. Say he lives in L.A., and you want to live in San Jose. That's a fairly long drive and not fair to the father so it's best to leave well enough alone until the court order comes through or you'll just end up making matters worse between you and your ex and it's hard on the child, not to mention financially. However, if you have the child for a couple of weeks and want to travel on a holiday then you can communicate this with the father and have your holiday. If you don't, he could charge you with kidnapping even though you really aren't. Both parents usually are fighting between each other, and it's best to try to put your differences aside and do what is best for the child(ren.) Marcy No, if there is no custodial order nor a pre-custody order preventing the parent who has physical custody of the child from relocating within the U.S. wherever they choose. Be advised if the issue is one of exiting the U.S. the parent leaving with child must present a notarized statement from the other giving permission for the action when applying for the child's passport or visa.

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Q: Is there a mile restriction on how far a mother can take a child from the father in California before a court order?
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