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I agree. It does sound childish and have been in the same predicament. I prefer just "friend". Companion would suggest a living arrangement.

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Q: Is there a more mature term a couple in their 50s can use instead of boyfriend or girlfriend?
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Why is your boyfriend always with other girls?

Hmmmmmmm, really? He isn't mature enough to get a girlfriend... Simply "replace" your boyfriend if he isn't acting adequately.

How ling will it take you to find a boyfriend?

Everyone is different! when you find a guy that is compatible with you and is mature enough to have one girlfriend and when you are ready and mature enough to have one boyfriend then you are ready. but here's some advice from experience...don't look for a boyfriend. you'll find someone when you least expect it and it will definitely be worth it.

Is it better to have a boyfriend who's mature and serious about the relationship?

Of course! I myself am a male and I take my relationship with my girlfriend really seriously and I care for her more than anything that I can imagine. I can never fantasize one thing that is better than her and I am willing to be with her for the rest of my life. I know my girlfriend better than I know any of my friends and I make her feel good in many ways. That's right mature people can be crazy and wild just the only thing a mature person wouldn't do is disrespect or cheat on you. So what are you waiting for!?!? Go find a mature boyfriend that will always treat you like the best girlfriend in the world.

Why does your boyfriend still act immature?

Boys kinda mature slower than us girls. It happens to every girlfriend once in awhile. But dont get your hopes down, the'll mature when the grow chest hair!!! j/k. But they really will!

You and your ex boyfriend always fight and then you get back together on and off what should you do to stop the fighting?

Well try to b mature an talk about ur problems instead of fightng. !

How To Get a Girlfriend When She Has a Boyfriend in 7th grade She's an eighth Grader.?

I'm in 8th grade and I have the exact same problem. The best way to show her you are more mature than her boyfriend is flex, show youre abs, or date a gr. 6. Good Luck!!

Fine iwill tell your boyfriend ilovehim?

Whose boyfriend will you tell? Does he really want to be told this? How will he react? What about his girlfriend? How will she react? You need to be more mature in this matter or you will get the high drama that you want and deserve. Remember you will have brought this about yourself through your actions and you will nobody to blame but yourself.

What do you do when your single dad is sleeping with a woman who has a boyfriend already?

Be mature & have a conversation about how the situation makes you feel. Don't whine & tell him he's a bad dad/boyfriend. If you've got evidence that his "girlfriend" has a boyfriend, present it to him & let him know that she has a boyfriend already. If you shout at him or act erratic, he's immediately going to shut down & think you're saying what you are out of jealousy or anger.

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend has another girlfriend but he still loves you and he cheated on her with you?

It sounds to me like he's not able to commit to anyone and it's probably best to let him go and find someone who is a little more emotionally mature.

Did Boys take his girlfriend or lover for outing?

if he was a normal mature boy he would take out his lover which should be his girlfriend!!

What do 13 year olds like?

Ok well as this question isn't specific at all, I can't really help you but they like music, sports, hanging out with their friends and boyfriend/girlfriend, fashion, the internet.

At 12 should you be able to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

everyone is different it depends on their maturity level. I am 16 and do not have a boyfriend. not because i am immature but because i dont want to get myself into a situation that i cannot get myself out of. 12 years old should not relly date in my opinion. Coming from questioner: Okay ic what your saying...but i am mature.