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Try the site at the related links. If the automatic translation is not good enough for your needs, you can order a human translation. or sear4ch somewhere else on the internet for that cause it's kind of hard to do that ..thank you for your question.

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Q: Is there a place to translate words in the Greek alphabet into the English alphabet?
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What is the place of pi in the greek alphabet?

Pi is the sixteenth letter in the modern Greek Alphabet.

21st letter of the greek alphabet?

The seventh letter of the greek alphabet is eta In modern Greek its η,Η (Eta) In ancient Greek it was ζ,Ζ (Zeta). That is because the ancient 6, which was the ''στ,ΣΤ'' is no longer used.

Translate word lefkadi to English?

It doesnt translate, its a place in Greece (Λευκαδι-lefkadi)

What is Greek writing?

Greeks have their own alphabet, which has it's roots int he same place as the Roman Alphabet which we use today.

Translate Koucoules from English to greek?

Since the Greek language does not incorporate the "C", I am assuming the c letter in "koucoules" is meant to sound or take place of a "k". If that is true, then Koucoules is the plural Greek word for hoods (the kind on a jacket or coat). Singular: κουκούλα = hood

How long did it take to make the greek alphabet?

The development of the Greek alphabet is generally estimated to have taken place between 800-750 BCE. It is believed to have been adapted from the Phoenician alphabet with modifications to better suit the Greek language, culture, and writing needs.

Where is a reliable place to translate English to Spanish?

A reliable place to translate English to Spanish is Google Translate. It is a widely-used translation tool that provides accurate translations in multiple languages. Another reliable option is DeepL, which is known for producing high-quality translations.

What number is the letter v when found on the alphabet?

Assuming A=1 and Z=26 and the question is asking about the modern English/ Latin alphabet, the letter V is found in the 22nd place. To reach this answer, simply say the alphabet while counting each letter as one place.

Where can one go to translate English into Polish?

Babylon is a great place to go to translate English into Polish. Other ways to obtain translation from English to Polish is Google online translator and the Bab la dictionary. Systransoft has an excellent English to Polish translation service.

Where can one get Italian translation to English software?

If one is looking to find good translation from Italian to English the best place to look is the Google Translator service. Just type in the phrase to translate and they'll translate it for you for free.

Where can one find the best French to English translation online?

If you wanted to translate French to English, the best place to go is Google Translator. You just type in what you want to say and in what language you want to translate it to, then Google will read it back to you in the language you require.

Why is z the last letter in the alphabet?

Our alphabet, called the Roman alphabet, was based on the older Greek alphabet. In Greek, the letter z is the sixth letter. But when the Romans borrowed the Greek letters to form their own alphabet, they didn't need the z, because they didn't have a z sound in their language. Later, many Greek words came into use in the Latin language. So the Romans brought back the z in order to write Greek words, and put the z at the end of their alphabet.