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If you cannot see a Power Steering belt or pump under the bonnet, chances are the power sterring is ran by an electric pump. Check your fuse box diagram to see if it is listed.It will be a fairly large fuse, and if its blown PAS wont work. Hope this helps.

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Q: Is there a power steering belt in a 2000 kia sportage. What could cause the Power Steering to fail if the fluid is full?
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What can cause heavy steering?

Low power steering fluid or defective power steering pump.

What would cause the loss of power steering on a 1995 Mercury Cougar?

* No power steering fluid in reservoir * The power steering pump is not operating

Why the power steering get jammed?

The power steering on a vehicle can be jammed due to a rack and pinion issue in the steering column. Another possible cause could be that the power steering fluid may be low and the power steering pump may be going out.

Why is the power steering on my 1998 1.6 citron saxo power steering gone heavy?

cause your power steering pump has died... try hit it with a hammer :)

What can cause the steering wheel to free play on low speeds?

A worn out power steering pump, or steering box.

What would cause a squealing noise every time the steering wheel is turned either left or right?

Power Steering Fluid Or Power Steering Pump

What would cause a 1997 Buick Riviera's power steering to fail?

the most likely cause of that would be the power steering pump failing.

What would cause a car to loose its power steering?

No power steering fluid, broken pump, or broken lines.

Could a bad battery cause power steering to fail?

no because power steering is a hydrollic assist system

What would cause a grinding or scratching sound when turning the steering wheel in a car that doesn't have power steering?

Check out the bearings in the steering column and the knuckles in the steering shaft

What would cause squealing when turn steering wheel to the right?

Power steering belt slipping?

What can cause a noise when turning your steering wheel to the right?

Many things can cause that, the simplest cause being lack of power steering fluid.

What will happen if you put water in your power steering pump?

1. Your power steering won't work properly, because it requires hydraulic fluid. 2. You may cause corrosion in your power steering system.

What causes your steering wheel to become hard to turn?

A few things could cause this. Low power steering fluid, too slow engine speed (low RPMs), faulty power steering pump or broken power steering pump belt, binding or poorly lubricated steering linkages, faulty steering gear, etc.

If power steering fluid is leaking from the driverside inner tie rod what could be the the cause?

If you have rack and pinion steering, the steering gear will need replaced.

What would cause the power steering to work intermittently on a 1997 Mazda Protege 1.5L?

Check for a loose power steering belt.

What would cause a squealing sound when turning the steering wheel on my 2003 Saturn Vue?

Could be a worn belt, failing power steering pump or low power steering fluid.

Can low levels of power steering fluids cause the car to overheat?

No. The power steering fluid has nothing to do with your cooling system. It goes from the reservoir to the pump to the steering rack and back again.

What would cause your steering to get hard on your 2000 dodge neon all of a sudden?

Could be a broken Power Steering belt or low fluid level or power steering pump failure.

Electrically what affects power steering on a 97 4wd suburban or can cause intermittent power steering?

Heavy electrical load and a badly worn and or loose belt that is slipping! There is a steering position sensor at the base of the steering column that tells the variable assist power steering how fast you are turning the steering wheel. When it gets faulty, there will be lurches and surges in the steering. Easy to replace, costs about $60 from GM.

What can cause the loss of power steering in a vehicle?

There are 3 things that can happen when you lose power steering. #1 there is not enough power steering fluid, there might be a leek in the system. #2 The belt that connects to the power steering pump has come off. #3 The beerings in the power steering system has seized, usually only happens if the car is very old.

What are the risks of a power steering leak?

Three main risks are associated with power steering leak: 1) Loss of easy steering capability 2) Low amounts of power steering fluid can cause the power steering pump to fail, which is another expensive item 3) Risk of fire with the fluid being dripped on the engine

Why Power sterring to bubble in a Honda?

If you are talking about air bubbles in your power steering fluid?. The supply line to your power steering pump has a bad o-ring. This will cause you hard steering while engine is at idle.

What would cause a squeaking noise that changes from side to side when turning steering wheel?

ummm power steering

What could cause the power steering not work on a 1986 C30 454 Chevy truck?

The power steering pump has probley quit working.