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According to this link, there were no seat-related recalls.

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Q: Is there a previous recall for 1997 Cadillac Seville driver seat?
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Is the 97 Cadillac catera on recall?

there was a recall on the timing belt and timing belt assembly

Where is the fuel regulator located in a 96 Cadillac?

under plastic engine cover driver side where fuel line enter. this is pressure regulator. with cover off make sure you have steel lines running to injectors. if not cadillac has a recall on the plastic one and will replace for free

Is their a recall 02 cadillac gauges sticking?

Join for FREE, and click the LINKS tab. They have the BEST recall site.

Is the Cadillac Allante a safe car?

There are no safety rating or crash test results available for the Cadillac Allante. In 1994 there was a safety recall involved with the Cadillac Allante where part of the air condition could cause an engine fire.

Was there a recall on the cluster speedometers for 2004 Cadillac Escalade?

there was a service bulletin issued, you can find out information by calling your local cadillac dealer. FYI it is only valid up to 75k miles

How do you change a fuel pump regular on a 1997 Cadillac?

reg is on driver side under plastic engine cover where fuel line enters. make sure you have steel lines going to each injector. if not there is a recall on the plastic ones and Cadillac will replace these for free. anyway, should be a clip holding down reg pull this out and remove reg. you may have to use a clamp to press in the new one and reinstall clip

Where is the fusebox located on a 1993 ford explorer sport?

If I recall correctly, it's under the dashboard on the driver's side, about where the left knee would be if someone was sitting in the driver's seat.

Problems with drivers seat belt?

Check with your dealer. Seems to me that there was a recall or service bulletin on the driver's seat belt.

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How do you readjust the driver's side windshield wiper arm on a Pontiac Grand Prix?

There is a recall on this, if you have not already, take it to a dealer and they will check it out and fix for free because there is a recall on something with the wipers (thats what I did cause would not work).

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Where is the turn switch for a Cadillac Catera and if car started and ran but when stalled it will not start for a day could bad gas cause this?

This could be an indication of a failing crank sensor. GM has issued a recall for this and you shoudl be able to find out more information from any cadillac or GM dealer.

How do you change drivers with Cadillac keyless entry -- if Driver1 approaches car first but Driver2 wants to drive - the seats and mirrors are now set incorrectly. There is no driver2 button. Ideas?

Older Cadillacs had a memory recall button for driver 1 and 2. But now they've removed this? There must be some workaround. If you have the Nav system, all the controls are in the touchscreen.

Is there a recall on the 1999 Mercury 200 outboard motor?

Several technical bulletins are generally issued for outboards each year, a recall however, is sent to each registered owner of the outboards involved, for customer awareness. I would contact a Mercury dealer to see if the motor in question was included in a recall campaign. If you are not the original owner, it can be determined if this particular engine had a recall issued, and if so, if the nessessary changes / repairs have already been addressed by the previous owner.

Is there a recall on the starter for the 1997 Cadillac STS?

Probably not. The car's inability to start is usually due to a bad or out of adjustment neutral/safety switch, not a bad starter. Wally of Hagerstown, MD

Is there a recall of 1997 Cadillac devilles?


You have a 92 Cadillac Seville sts how do you reset the service ride control after shock and strut maintenance the service station didn't know how they said dealer must do it?

In 92 model year Cadillac had major problems with the air ride suspension. The dealership has to install a special wiring harness to overide the computer. But once they do this there is no longer an air ride. If your air ride suspension still works it may be better to ignore the light. Without air it is a stiff ride kinda like an older corvette. I had the wiring harness and new struts installed at the dealer $$$$$$$$$$ . There was a recall so you might find the harness at salvage yard.

1996 crown vic driver door wont open?

see recall April 1996 #96V070000 and March 1997 #97V024000

How do you change the driver belt on a Mazda Protege 1991 model?

This is an NHTSA-listed Safety Recall item. All Mazda USA dealers are to perform this Safety Recall work free of charge for all 1990-1994 Mazda Proteges and 1990-1994 Mazda 323s, but only if indicated by either a malfuntioning driver- or passenger-side passive shoulder belt.

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